Wiener Illustrierte 1943 01 27 nr 04 (PDF)


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Arno Breker “Der Kuender”; photo by Rohrbach     Drawing of one of Hitler’s first speeches by H.O. Hoyer-Obersdorf     Photo collage of “The German Way to Unity” beginning on 30th of January 1933 till the invasion of Russia     Winter in Ukraine; photo by war correspondent Lange (PBZ)     MG Position somewhere on the eastern front; photo by war correspondent Lang (Atl)     German socialism, a picture of a girl with Glanzstoff badge     All for mothers and children: NSV. in their service … Pictures of typical German houses during the war, both inside and outside; photos by Max Goellner     Modelbaulehrling: building model ships; photos by W. Engel     German Art: Arno Breker “Die Partei”, Joseph Thorak “Der letzte Flug”, “Zwei Menschen” and “Schwerttrager”, Georg Kolbe “Madchenplastik”, Charlotte Rohrbach, Fritz Klimschs “Die Woge”