Weekly Air Intelligence Digest 1943 02 06 nr 06 (PDF)


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Vol. II

An original WW2 U.S. 8th Air Force Air Intelligence report, dated 6th February 1943. This is edition number 6, from Volume II, a secret document, with a restricted circulation, marked “To be carefully safeguarded and not to be taken into the air”. Each copy was individually numbered on the front cover (this is copy No. 27). It includes information about the USAF and Allied air campaign in Europe and the Far East, with the latest intelligence that had been gathered. Includes very rare photos of a captured German Me-110 fighter being test flown by the RAF, complete with full RAF markings.
Subjects covered include:
captured Me-110 flown by RAF, new Hawker Typhoon Fighter, bombing raids, French pilots in N. Africa, Russian front, Tunisia operations, German POW reports, London bombing raids, RAF Pathfinders, new German Tiger tank, aircraft dispersal and concealment, 500lb bomb effects, Lorient U-Boat base attacks, and aircraft recognition.
This edition is illustrated with photographs, drawings and maps.