Unser Heer 1944 07 02 nr 14 (PDF)




Counter strike on the invasion front in Normandy – German Panther crew getting directions; photo by Feldwebel Haehle
The German grenadier and the invasion; drawing by Edwin Grazioli, story by Leutnant Press
Words from the captured allied troops; Jim Walker from Cincinnati, British Hauptmann William Jacob, Canadian William Ritchie, Sergeant Jack Printon from England, John B. Morton from Denver; photos by Vennemnn, Koll
Panzerschreck: new weapon with great effectivness; story by Leutnant Wild; loading and firing photos by Leutnant Erich Bauer
The old warrior; story by Uffz. Arntz
10 billions bacteria on field shovel; story by Leutnant Friedrich Werkmeister
ABC of the Invasion
Captured British weapon: “Vickers” machine gun; text by Hauptmann Morawietz, photos by Lieutenant Erich Bauer
Faster than the enemy, close combat techniques (V) shovel and knife fighting; drawings by Feldwebel Edwin Grazioli
Drilch, Schwadron und Husar by Dr. Karl Menninger
Stories from Karl Springenschmidt
German Summer by Gefr. Kurt Milte; drawing by Fritz Roehrs