Unser Heer 1944 04-05 Sonderdruck II (PDF)




Hitlerjugend by an MG (machinegun): for them this is no game, they need to know what kind of a destructive weapon German grenadiers (heavy infantry) employs
The way of the Grenadiers; by Knight Cross recipient Oberst Faasch; drawing by Feldwebel Grazioli and painting by Anton von Werner
With the flying grenades, German 88 in action; story by Leutnant Huber-Bernstadt The infantry profession: Stosstrupp Romeike, Oberleutnant Romeike
Turks attack Europe, by Hans Nirwan
The Erlacher: invincible German infantries; story by Hauptmann Neumeyer, photos by van der Piepen
The brave deed of Grenadier Orth; photos by Feldwebel Hermann
The infantries and his weapon; text and photos by Obgefr. Erich Haase, Uecker  Hod does the Entfernungsmesser (measure distance) work?
Army ABC
The army has the best boxers: Obgefr: Rudi Pepper, Gefr. Heinz Goetzke, Gefr. Werner Kirsche, Uffz. Strahl,, Obgefr. Heini Hesse, Ltn. Schneider, Oberjaeger Karl Schmidt, Gefr. Hein ten Hoff; photos by Schirner