Unser Heer Sonderdruck 1943 V (PDF)




Special issue for the Hitler Jugend; photo by Leutnant Bauer
Tipical day of a front-officer; photos by Gefreiter Benser
German armored-trains; story by Oberleutnant Englberger, drawing by Uffz. Bernd Markowsky … With a few words; story by Leutnant Hans H. Henne
Rockets – new weapon with old history; text and drawings by Ogefr. Erich Haase
Panzerknacken – Junge Grenadiere Uben Panzernahbekampfung in einer Heeresunterofizierschule: tank destroying training in one of the German army schools; story by Ltn. Bauer
The Stukas are coming; story by Obergefreiter Hermann Schafer
Photo collage from the South Front; photos by war correspondent Platte, Lohrer, Weizsacker, Wittmaack, Ottahal
Soldiers Sport festival in Athens; report by Oberjager Rieder