The TTF 1945 04 29 nr 13 (PDF)



4 pages
Crossing Rivers through the Reich Photos: 331 combat team, Truman Bridge constructed by the 83 Thunderbolt Division, Co. B, 3rd battalion, 295th Engr. Bn Elbe Bridgehead saved in Battle of Steckby Forest- Yanks free own buddies 15,000 Allied POWs from 500 Mile Hunger March, 40 Yanks freed, some had been captured as early as 42 and 43 in North Africa
331st Repulses Repeated Counterattacks to Hold Bridgehead with 329th
1 and R, M8s Break up 331st convoy ambush
Polle Taken in Bitter 12 hour Battle against SS- doughboys of the 1st battalion fought one of their stiffest battles east of the Rhine River last week when they succeeded in taking the town of Polle on the Weser River
Alert Sgt. Spots disguised Jerry
Hitler Heads Crime List
Mortars Keep popping to last yard, Nazi counterattack killed- Lt. F. J. Barnes, S/Sgt/ Norman Schuster, Pfc. Barney Plotnicov, Sgt. David Harmon
Battlefield Inspirations Poem “I Love you” by TlSgt. Geo. Beach 3rd Platoon, How Co
She’s Suing photo of Dale Belmont for sing her picture to promote sales for a book called “The complete Guide to Bust Culture.”
20 Mile Drive leaves Dead Heinies in Wake- 736th Tank Bn, Co, L- battle near Hinnenburg,
Mortars Deluge Nazis Pressing Hamm Bridgehead- Lt. Edwin Collins of Conway SC, Lt. Maurice G. Ridgely, Paul E Hergenhahn, Pfc Warren R White, George Averille, and Pfc Frank P McLaughlin of Philidelphia
Major Charles P. Snyder drawing- 331st Regimental Surgeon
Kamertiz Stronghold Falls to Co. F. All Night Fight-Co. Pfc. Darwin Fifield, lt. Caddie Henage, Grant Johnson, Lt. Irving Drucker from Brooklyn, Lt. Paul Nottage, Pfc. Harry Blaufield, Sgt. John Schackett, Pfc. Herb Swede, Pfc. Earl Beak, Pfc. Alvin Toelkner, Pfc. Duke Highland, Co. F Rifelman Dayton, Ohio  Cannon Co. Rolls along behind fast hitting Doughboys- Capt. Herman Mundt, Eric Eric Rosenbaum, Albene Allan, Lee Hetrick, Clifford Dopkey,Lt. Joeseph Counihan, Lt. Donald Johnson, Sgt. Okie Gonby, Jospeph Figierce, Pvt. Charles Simpson, Joseph Mondello
Foxhole interviews with photos: Pfc. Felix Gilmartin from NYC, SiSgt. Edward Harmer of Philidelphia, S/Sgt/ Julius Cannady of Winnsboro, SC, Sgt. Joseph Foran of Greenwich, Conn
MPS capture Nazis threatening PWI- Pvts. James Engleth, James Price and Fletcher Gaylor
First Mac Bars Awarded in 331st- Lt. Jack Peters and Virgil Collins
Doughs turn engrs. to aid Rhine Assault Boat Crossing
Photo Co 1 just before battle of Derenburg
3rd Battalion Punches into Hamm , over canal for 95th – lt. Daniel Halliday, Lt. Daniel Little, Sgt. Harold Merrill, Lt. Vernon Fever, Lt. Adolph Sharkey
Co. G Joe Taken PW at Moselle Hugs Liberators- Pfc. Stanley Skiba of Bayonne NJ POW since December 44, tells of PFC Galran Holingsworth who died
No Stuffing – photo Miss Greer Garson
German General surrenders to GIs Tec 4 John Burns of Bainbridge, GA and Pfc Samsa of the 908th Fa Bn
Col. Frederick Baily from Buffalo NY returns takes over BN Reigns