The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 09 14 nr 270 (PDF)



8 pages

2 Drives Gain in Reich, More Loom – Yanks Capture 1st Siegfried Line Fort After Fierce Battle

Reds Crack Bastion; Fall Drive Starts – Gear Lomza, Open Way For Outflanking of Warsaw, E. Prussia

GIs Bag Nazi Plane With M1s / By Earl Mazo

Pershing Birthday Sees Sons of AEF in Reich

Navy Planes Hit Mid-Philippines

12 More Coal Pits Taken Over By U.S.

Belgian Currency Made Available To U.S. Army

King Mentioned As Pacific Chief ( Adm. Ernest J. King )

Nazi ‘Baby Factory’ Minus All the Babes, ‘Now a GI Barracks

New U.S. Army—the Ninth— In France; Simpson at Helm

1,000 Heavies Blitz Germany For Sixth Day

Senator Urges More Vets’ Aid ( Sen. Claude Pepper )

Two Ex-ETO Air Generals Get New Positions in U.S.

An Editorial – Li’l Abner and the German Army

Hash Marks

Notes from the Air Force

What’s Happened to Luftwaffe?’ 8th AF Precision Shots Answer / By Peter Lisagor

Claims Germans Plan Economic War After Collapse of Military

Kansas-Washburn Tilt Opens Midwest Season

Frischmen Pound Cardinals To Annex Twin Bill, 5-3 6-5

Ma]or League Results

Once Over Lightly / By Charlie Kiley

Bad Weather Postpones Minor League Playoffs

Minor League Results

Help Wanted—And Given

Eagles Subdue Cards – Steelers

Kelly’s Loss Hits Irish ( Bob Kelly )

Out for a Week ( Stan Musial )

Browns Recall Daffy ( Paul Dean )

Flaherty Rumored Coach of Baltimore Pro Football Team ( Lt. Cmdr. Ray Flaherty )

ETO to See Series Movies ( World Series )

Promises Better Officiating In Southwest Conference ( James St. Clair )

Gus Sonnenberg Dead; Started ”Flying Tackle’

Li’L Abner / By Al Capp

Six French Traitors Die by FFI Firing Squad ( Grenoble )

Ickes Disowns Hershey View On Discharges – Says Draft Chieftain Is Republican and Dewey’s Charge ‘Baseless’

Japan-Portugal Break Rumored

AFN Radio Program

5th Army Gains Near Futa Pass

Mission Opened in Paris To Handle French Matters

Dorsey Indicted On Brawl Count ( Bandleader Tommy Dorsey )

Stretching a Point ( Ignatius Fiore )

Texas Dispute Over FDR Ends

Sen. Overton Wins ( Sen. John H. Overton )

Smelling Was Believing – Mattoon ‘Gas Maniac’ Proves Wind From War Factories

Polygamy Advanced As ‘Out’ to Shortage Of Males in World

Bennys Expecting a Baby, Comedian Tells the Navy ( Comedian Jack Benny )

Army Starts to Dispose 30,000 Surplus Vehicles

Terry & The Pirates / By Milton Caniff

………………… WARWEEK … ( Insert ) 

The FFI Strikes Back – Kraut-killing Patriots give the Hun a hot-foot; GI Joe moves in / By Ralph Harwood

They Got Paris

This Battlefield Story Was ‘Written in Blood’ By Men Whose Bodies Bear The Marks of Nazi Steel

GI JERRY ( Nazi Guide Book Part XIV ) / by Lt. Dave Breger

SOS Tackles Big Job; Supplies Kept Rolling – Heroes On Wheels Maintain Lifeline To Battle Grounds / By John Christie