The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 08 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 232 – Tuesday, August 1, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Yanks Push 12 Mi., Reach Avranches; Battle of Warsaw On; Big Suburb Hit – Granville Captured; Paris Rail Line Cut; British Gain 8 Miles .. U.S. Planes, Warships Again Based on Guam; Invaders Gain on Tinian .. Nazis Struck Another Twin Blow by Planes – Bombers from U.K., Italy Hit Reich, Ploesti And Bucharest .. The War Today .. U.S. Secret Weapon in Use .. Globe-Circling Airline Asked .. German-Turk Rupture Is Near, Nazis Declare .. Mass Blows At City Edge, Berlin Says – Reds Battle in Province Reich Considers Part Of East Prussia .. Former ETO Colonel Gets U.K. War Shipping Post ( Thomas A. Monroe ) .. GIs From 20 States Permitted To Vote on a Federal Ballot .. Captive Yank Becomes Captor – Takes 80 Prisoner After Planes KO 2-Mile-Long Line of Nazi Vehicles / By J. Wes Gallagher ( Pvt. Anthony Blazus Jr., of Frederickstown, Pa ) .. Russian Aircraft Designer Dead ( Nikolai Polikarpov ) .. ‘Roger’ or ‘Rajah’? – ‘Pilot to Tank: Tiger Tamed’ / By Henry B. Jameson .. FDR’s Secretary Dies ( Miss Marguerite “Missy” Le Hand ) .. Knighthood Is Still in Flower ( Gen. “Sir” Oliver Leese ) .. Hash Marks .. Private Breger / By Dave Breger .. Soldier Voting .. Doodlebug Dodging .. Straight From the Front / By Ernie Pyle ( ordnance evacuation company ) .. Mad Russian Chairborne Again – Wilson’s Signals Confused Him, But Lou’s Happy With Grimm .. Circular Ring No Innovation For Pugilism / By Tony Cordaro .. Nats’ Ortiz Signs to Play With Mexico City Team .. Minor League Results .. Help Wanted–AND GIVEN .. Browns Capture Twin Feature From Griffs – St. Louis Lead Now 4-1/2 Games As Bosox Split – Tigers, Yanks in Slugfests; White Sox Trip A’s, 6-4, Then Lose, 3-0 .. Ann Curtis Lowers Mark For 880-Yard Free Style .. Stripes, Not Brass ( Sgt. Hy Lederstein ) .. Seabright Title To Miss Betz .. Major League Results .. Bruins Slap Phils, Near Fourth Place – Dodgers End Losing Streak, Start Another Brooks Beaten by Cards, 9-7, After 10-4 Victory; Walters Fails Again .. Latest Drive. Opens Up New Possibilities in France .. NEWS FROM HOME – Congress Can’t Go to Work for Lack of Plans – No Major Issues Ready For Action at Hour for Session to Reconvene .. Flak Suits Really Work .. New Mine Defies Detection .. Trolley Trouble ( Ray Saenz ) .. Allies Will Use Nazi Navy Against Japs in the Pacific .. Assumes New Command ( Adm. Sir James F. Somerville and Adm. Sir Bruce A. Fraser ) .. Radio Highlights .. ETO’s WAC Commander Has Arrived in Normandy ( Lt. Col. Anna Wilson ) .. Local Votes Against Lewis .. 2nd, 3rd Armored Fighting in Normandy .. Enemy Stiffens Near Florence .. Horace Dodge Gets Divorce, Wife Gets At Least $500,000 .. 11 of the 9th AF Given Medals ( DFCs were presented Cols. Robert L. Delashaw, of San Antonio, Tex.; William D. Greenfield, of Dayton, Ohio ; Carroll W. McColpin, of Buffalo, N.Y., and Ray J. Sleeker, of Miami Beach ; Maj. Randall W. Hendricks, of Youngstown, Ohio ; Capt. Denver M. Porter, of Tyrone, Okla.; 1/Lt. Joseph H. Smith, of Centerville, Ind., and 2/Lt. William A. Webb Jr., of Richmond, Va. Capt. Wallace N. Emmer, of St. Louis, Mo., received the cluster to the DFC and Capt. Glendon J. Duer, of Lomita, Cal., received the Bronze Star. ) .. Use of Hedgerows by Nazis Clipped by New Secret Device .. GI Sloppiness In London Stirs MP Warning – Yanks Reminded They’ll Be Fined for ‘Flagrant Violations’ .. Rommel Dead? Nazis Deny It .. Terry & The Pirates / By Milton Caniff