The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 07 10 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 213 – Monday, July 10, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Caen Falls; Reds Battle in Vilna – Nazis Forced Back On East, West Fronts ….. Soviet Units Mass For Assault on Ringed Dvinsk ….. La Haye Is Captured As Yanks Press Drive South ….. Landmarks Blitzed by Robots – Yank Sergeant Dug Alive From Ruins; U.S. Colonel Killed ….. Calais Battering Stings Germans – Luftwaffe Finally Comes Up Over Area as Heavies Hit at Robot Sites ….. The Age of Miracles, It Seems, Is Now Here ….. OK Souvenirs From Combat ….. Spit, Thunderbolt Get Together, Bag Two Nazi Planes ….. Russia Acts to Strengthen Family Ties, Curb Divorce ….. Port of Leghorn Fired by Nazis – 5th Driving on City in Face Of Fierce Resistance; 8th Nears Arezzo ….. War Nearing End Pershing States in Chat With DeGaulle ….. Push Back Japs At India Border ….. New Merit ‘Certificates’ To Be Awarded in ETO ….. Kill 1,500 Japs Making Suicide Saipan Attack – Yanks Hurl Back Fierce Thrust After Enemy Dents U.S. Lines ….. Scorned Japs, Lit Ships At Sea to Save Airmen ….. Forts’ Autopilot Aid to ‘Plane In Every Garage’ – Device, Hitherto Secret, Enables Novice to Fly a Bomber ….. Congress Plans Longer Recess ….. Signalman Bags 3 German Captives ( Pvt. Wayne A. Singleton ) ….. Yank Agent Stayed on In Philippines, Japs Say ….. Libs Bottle Up Enemy U-Boats ….. White Cattle Dyed Brown For Camouflage in Burma ….. Understanding Between Labor, Services Asked – Biddle Appeals to Legion To Help ‘Straighten Out Prejudices’ ….. ‘Likened Hitler To Jesus Christ’ ( Herman Max Schwinn ) ….. Post Office to Unveil Simplified Forms For Money Orders ….. Accuse Parents of Hiding Son 4 Years to Balk Draft ….. Mass Funerals Held for Circus-Fire Dead – Death MCs the ‘Big Top’s’ Last Act ( Ringling Bros, and, Barnum and Bailey Circus ) ….. Nebraska Drys Seek State Vote – Petition for Prohibition Issue on November Ballot Submitted ….. Morgenthau Is Confident Of Money Parley Success ….. OPA Casts a Shadow On Nudist Sun-Bathers ….. 5th Loan Drive Tops the Goal ….. APO Gets Set to Handle 40 Million Yule Parcels ….. Guilty of Killing Son, an Imbecile – Lawyer to Appeal Verdict Carrying a Mandatory Death Penalty ( John F. Noxon ) ….. Custody of Son Awarded Heinz ( Clifford Heinz Jr ) ….. Troop Exits KO Population Rise ….. Tells of Bribing State Officials ( Maj. Charles Hemans ) ….. Phil Wrigley is Named To $1 a Year Position ….. WPB Officials Ask a Start on Civilian Output – Labor Aides Side With Nelson, Oppose Stand Taken by Military ….. Nest Invaded by Hotel Dicks, 2 Lovebirds Sue for $50,000 ( Pvt. and Mrs. Robert D. Kirstein ) ….. Gigantic Operations By Engineers Prior To D-Day Detailed ….. Civil-Affairs Unit Helps to Bring Life of Cherbourg Back to Normal / By Earl Mazo ….. The True French Tripped the Nazis At Every Chance ….. Army Bounces Stars & Stripes Chief in South – Quarrel Over ‘Political Censorship’ Is Blamed; PROs Get Control ….. Forest Fire Forces 550 To Seek ‘Safety’ in Lake ( Pascalisqne, Que ) ….. Top Allied Flier Dares Luftwaffe Ace to Fight ( W/Cmdr. Johnny Johnson and Walter Mantoni ) ….. PXs Are to Process GI Films in ETO ….. Elliott Roosevelt Denies He Plans to Wed a WAC ….. Shell-Shocked Aided at Front ….. Casualties Now Top Last War’s ….. Douglas Preparing Airliner to Carry 86 After the War ….. Laval’s Guards Reported Arrested as ‘Unreliable’ ….. French Court Deals Out Life To Pair of Spies – Cherbourg Sees Justice Prevail Where Gestapo Once Had Ruled ….. Landing-Craft Output Zooms ….. Blinded Pilot Flies On Radio Advice, Lands a P47 Safely ….. Montgomery’s Caen Victory Climaxes Week of Allied Successes…