The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 06 07 B (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 185 – Wednesday, June 7, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Allies Driving Into France – Opposition Less Than Expected; Troops 10 Mi. In ….. ‘This Was the Invasion’ – Flying S&S Writer Files First Eyewitness Story / By Bud Hutton ….. Eisenhower’s Order of Day ….. Greatest Umbrella for Landing – Armadas of Allied Planes Hammer Nazi Targets ….. Teheran Set Landing Time With Stalin’s OK, Says FDR ….. Late Bulletins: First U.S. Raid From USSR Bases – Stalin Lauds Allies On Rome – Invasion Jams U.S. Papers Washington ….. The Great Crusade ….. This Is It ….. Hash Marks ….. Behind D-Day, Long Preparation – Forces, Home Front Together Sweated To Get Ready ….. Gen. Ike, Calm and Confident, Jokes With Troops at Takeoff / By E. V. Roberts ….. AFN Radio Program ….. System of Spreading Defense Again Pays Off for the Allies – By Staff Commentator ….. Convoys, Moved to Docks On 24-Hour Schedule ….. Sport in Brief ….. Yanks Were Grim, Set When Boats Pulled Out ….. 5th, 8th Armies Chase Germans North of Rome – FDR Warns Victory Is Still Distant and Will Be ‘Tough and Costly’ ….. U.S. Hears News Soberly; FDR Pens a Prayer – President Sits Up Late to Follow Action; Lights Blaze in Pentagon ….. Jap Destroyers Sunk in Pacific ….. Letters to Home Front Kept the Invaders Busy ….. Two Invaders Cited ( T/Sgt. A. Plona and Sgt. Robert A. Price ) ….. German Army Halts All Leave ….. Awesome Sight as Fleet Bombards / By Desmond Tighe ….. London Calm But Tense at D-Day News – No Celebrations, and GIs Take It Like the Rest, Quietly Go to Work / By Arthur W. White ….. Nazis Fear Blow From East Next ….. French Say Underground Already Aiding Troops ….. The War Today