The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 06 07 A (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 185 – Wednesday, June 7, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Allies Driving Into France – Sea-Air-Ground Opposition Less Than Expected ….. ‘This Was the Invasion’ – Flying S&S Writer Files First Eyewitness Story / By Bud Hutton ….. Eisenhower’s Order of Day ….. Greatest Umbrella for Landing – Armadas of Allied Planes Hammer Nazi Targets ….. Cheering Crowds Greet Invasion News in Moscow ….. German Army Halts All Leave ….. The Great Crusade ….. This Is It ….. Hash Marks ….. Behind D-Day, Long Preparation – Forces, Home Front Together Sweated To Get Ready ….. Gen. Ike, Calm and Confident, Jokes With Troops at Takeoff / By E. V. Roberts ….. Pacific PTs See 1st ETO Action Pacing Invasion – Run Right Up Under Nazi Guns With Minesweepers Clearing Convoy’s Way ….. AFN Radio Program ….. System of Spreading Defense Again Pays Off for the Allies – By Staff Commentator ….. Convoys, Moved to Docks On 24-Hour Schedule ….. Sport in Brief ….. Yanks Were Grim, Set When Boats Pulled Out ….. Best of Rations Served To Troops on Alert ….. 5th, 8th Armies Chase Germans North of Rome – FDR Warns Victory Is Still Distant and Will Be ‘Tough and Costly’ ….. Troops Carry an Arsenal In Battle Jacket Pockets ….. Escort Carrier Sunk ( USS Block Island ) ….. U.S. Hears News Soberly; FDR Pens a Prayer – President Sits Up Late to Follow Action; Lights Blaze in Pentagon ….. Jap Destroyers Sunk in Pacific ….. Letters to Home Front Kept the Invaders Busy ….. Two Invaders Cited ( T/Sgt. A. Plona and Sgt. Robert A. Price ) ….. Troops Carry $4 Into France ….. Awesome Sight as Fleet Bombards / By Desmond Tighe ….. London Calm But Tense at D-Day News – No Celebrations, and GIs Take It Like the Rest, Quietly Go to Work / By Arthur W. White ….. Nazis Fear Blow From East Next ….. French Say Underground Already Aiding Troops ….. The War Today