The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 05 09 nr 160 (PDF)



Vol. IV
4 pages

Article headlines in this issue are:

Reeling Berlin Gets It 2nd Straight Day – Brunswick Also Hit; Streams of Aircraft Sweep Atlantic Wall – Reich’s Skies See Fierce Battles, With Some Germans Attempting Collisions; U.S. Losses 49, Nazis’ 119

Two Kills TakeBob Johnson Past ‘Rick’s’ Mark; 1 Fighter Bags 5; J.C. Penrod of Newark

Japs Launch Big Drive on Burma Front – Losing Heavily in Assaults In Kohima-Imphal Area, Mountbatten   Claims

Map of Shame Singles Out Gas-Coupon Racket Areas

The War Today

Lines Breached At Sebastopol –  Reds Gain in Fierce Battle  For Port; Finnish Port Is Bombed Heavily

1,500 Nazi Fighters?

Axis Rubber Seized

Planes Sink 2 Nazi Ships In a Convoy Off Norway

Rommel, Kesselring Confer

Ceaseless Blitz Across Channel

Ploesti Output Cut Over 75 Pct.; Bucharest Hit 3rd Time in Day

Damage Mounts In Ravaged Capital

Hash Marks

Tally Ho

We Call It Guts

A Word of Warning

Nazis Loot Europe or Priceless Art – Treasures Hauled To Reich by Leaders – Thief Units’ Set Up For Organized Stealing / By Eugene Tillinger

English Rural Churches Hear U.S. Army Chaplains’ Sermons

Private Breger / By Dave Breger

Platter and Pensive Stand Out As Early Preakness Favorites

Sports Sidelights

Minor League Results

Help Wanted―And Given

Cards Take Undisputed Lead With Double Victory – Cincinnati Slips To Third After Two Setbacks –  Phils Hold Down Second;  Grimm  Fails  to Halt Cubs’ Lo sing Streak

Player Limit Deadline Is Extended to June 15

Aussies Challenge U.S. Netmen

Burly Hurler / By Pap

Chisox Climb to Fourth Place – Kramer Wins Fifth in Row as Brownies Split –  Senators Break Even With  Mackmen; Yanks Are Idle


How They Stand

First No-Hitter on Coast

Li’l Abner / By Al Capp

Riviera Forays Stir Speculation By Axis Press –  Commando Attacks May Be  Made Also at Invasion Time, Germans Say

Heat and Cold Plague States

Prisoner Swap OKd by Tokyo

AFN Radio Program

U.S. Raid Fires Heart of Berlin –  Witness Counts 200 Blazes, Can’t Recognize Street On Leaving Shelter

We’ll Hide Slogans So Prisoners May Receive Their Mail

Bogus Ration Cards Seized

News From Home – Land Acquired For Expansion Of Radio City –  Several More Buildings  To Be Put Up, Probably After the War

French Navy Ready

Prisoners Put to Work

330 Million Fewer Miles

Halifax Sees Indian Dance

Retired Admiral Dies

Troopship Launched

Vision of Jesus ‘Seen’ In Sky by Hundreds During a Raid Alert

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Terry and the Pirates / By Milton Caniff