The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 04 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 129 Saturday, Apr. 1, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Soviet Forces Japan to Accept Cut in Vital Oil, Coal Supply ….. President Won’t Sign It, But Lets Vote Bill Get By ….. Twin Peril To Odessa Developing – Reds Seize Port to East; Zhukov in Carpathians 15 Mi. From Hungary ….. British Mistake U.S. Plane For a Nazi, Shoot It Down ….. Clocks in U.K. Go Ahead An Hour Starting Sunday ….. Cannon Sponsors Bill To Turn Back Clocks ….. Nazis Quitting South Greece? – Turks Hear of Evacuation, Possibly Made in Fear Of Balkans Debacle ….. This WAC Group Shed Stripes to Get to ETO ….. Fear of Reds Spreading In Germany, Swiss Hear ….. House Group OKs Putting 4Fs in Plants or Labor Units ….. Some Milk Run – Panting Stork Flies In 7 Babies To 2 Manias in Adjoining Beds ( Mrs. Herbert Bachant and Mrs. Harry Zarieff ) ….. Big Bill’s Hidden Hoard Of Over Million Found ( William Hale (Big Bill) Thompson ) ….. Nuremberg Hit Hard by RAF; 94 Planes Lost – Luftwaffe Is Up in Record Numbers; Pitched Battles ….. Navy Strikes 500 Mi. From Philippines – Daring Fleet Foray Coincides With New Air Assault on Truk – Jap Warships Flee Before Stab Into Enemy Waters ….. Wingate Killed In Plane Crash ….. Wooden Bullets Used By Germans in Italy ….. Father of 14 Enlists ( Leo Thesier ) ….. War Prison Newspapers ….. Ike Writes Home ….. Gunner’s ( T/Sgt. Dan Brennan ) First Novel Tells The Story Behind the Flier – Yank Shaped Book As RCAF Tour of Ops Progressed / By Bud Button ….. ETO Church At tendance Gaining; 40 Per Cent at Services Regularly ….. News From Home – Victory Won’t Scuttle Fleet, Raybum Says – Must Not Scrap Warships And Thus Lose Power in Pacific, He Warns ….. Enemy Forces Are Thrusting Ahead in India – Reach Hills Near Supply Road; Auchinleck Says Drive Will Be Halted ….. High Brass Must Make the Old Car Do Another Year ….. Designer of Its Buffalo Hasn’t Got the Nickel ….. Doolittle Speech on Offensive To Be Aired by AFN Tonight ….. Royce Is Named Deputy Chief of Ninth Air Force ….. 3 Days to Send Mom Flowers – PX Deadline on Orders For Mother’s Day Is Monday, April 3 ….. New PX for Enlisted Men Opens Saturday in London ….. Consolidated Coronado Converted to Cargo Plane ….. 12 Airfields Hit In 2-Day Blow – 57 Nazi Planes Destroyed By Bombs in U.S. Raids On France Mar. 27-28 ….. Angry Chaplin Takes the Stand To Shout Denial of All Charges ….. Sofia Is Blasted By Record U.S. Bomber Force – Biggest Number of Heavies Ever Used by 15th AF Hammers Rail Yards ….. High Court Upholds OPA Rent Control And Price Fixing ….. Martin Signs With UAW