The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 03 30 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 127 Thursday, Mar. 30, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Carpathian Foothills Reached by Russians; Reds Warn Balkans – Zhukov 30 Miles From Czechoslovakia’s Pre-War Line; Trap Threatens 100,000 Nazis; New Central-Front Drive ….. Soviets Advancing On Odessa ….. Supreme Commander’s ‘Salute to the Soldier’ ….. Invasion Already On,’ Arnold Says, Citing Giant Air Attacks ….. Forts Given Bitter Battle By Luftwaffe – U.S. Airmen Shoot Down 39 as Central Reich Is Hit Through Clouds ….. Berlin Dead 300,000 ….. ‘4th Termers’ Claim 604 Votes ….. Suggests ‘Play’ With Guns For Convalescent Troops ….. Democrat Wins In Oklahoma’s ‘Test Election’ – Hannegan Calls Results An Indorsement of FDR; Republicans Silent ….. Biggest U.S. Parade Here Aids London Fund Today ….. Murderer Gets Chair ( Robert P. Deegan ) ….. British Fleet in Indian Ocean? ….. American Units Fighting Beside Tito Partisans – Specially-Trained Raiders Have Clashed With Nazi Forces In Jugoslavia / By Darnel DeLuce ….. Army No Longer Will Tell Everyone Where You Are ….. Ploesti Reported Under Martial Law ….. Quads3 Girls and a Boy Born to New York Mother ( Mrs. Harry Zariffi ) ….. House Votes Navy Billion To Develop Pacific Bases ….. Coin Shower; 500 Won’t Come In Out of the Rain ( Harry McLean ) ….. A Fateful Spring ….. The Jitterbug ( Helicopter ) ….. Flash Gordon ( Edward S. Gordon ) Flies to War In a Versatile Piper Cub – His Saucy ‘Lucies’ Are Shrouded in Legend / By Earl Mazo ….. Warsaw Blackout / By Adele Kellev Thomoson ….. Allies Give Up Their Hold on Monastery Hill – Isolated Units Withdrawn As Stubborn Resistance Foils Attack Plans ….. All Nazi Rail Lines To Italian Fronts Cut ….. President Asks $64,000,000 For OWI; Scope Increased ….. 14 Votes for Stassen ….. ‘Kill Luftwaffe’ Is U.S. Intention – Army Report Tells How Allies Blasted Nazi Fighter Defense ….. ‘Hundreds of Infidelities’ Charged to Dodge by Wife ( Mrs. Martha Devine ) ….. Stalin Illness Revealed ….. FDR Has Bronchitis ….. Sweater Girl Carole Gets a Whistle Dress ( Carole Landis ) ….. Eisenhower Visits Air Bases And Chats With Fighter Pilots ….. Allies Retreat Near Imphal – Jap Pressure Increases; 30 Enemy Aircraft Bagged in 2 Days ….. 292 Tons of Bombs on Japs ….. NEWS FROM HOME – Hershey Wants To Place 4Fs in Labor Outfits – FDR Still Favors a Total Service Law Despite McNutt Reassurance ….. Pastor Quits, Flag Stays ….. FDR Signs UNRRA Bill ….. Stephen Leacock Dies ….. Fish Demands U.S. Wield the Biggest Peace-Time Stick ….. Yanks Working to Expand Phone Services in U.K. ………………….. Feature Section ( Insert ) ….. Bulldozers Are Smashing the Enemy ( Aviation Engineers ) / By Allan Morrison ….. Safari Screwballs ( Ninth Air Force’s Sky Blazers ) / By Cpl. Henry Arnstein ….. U.S. Lends A Hand – Civilians at home have sent more than $28,000,000 worth of cash and supplies in five years to relieve bomb-harassed British by providing ambulances, hostels, etc. / By Richard Wilbur ….. Pioneer ‘Paratrooper’ ( Andre Jacques Garnerin ) / By Philip Bucknell ….. Asking The Old Man / By Don Hewitt ….. Highlights of Army Talks