The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 03 27 A (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 124 Monday, Mar. 27, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Reds Reach Rumania on 50-Mi. Front – Seize Balti in Smash Through to the Pruth; Proskurov Captured – Nazis Reported Rushing Tanks From West; Oil Fields Must Be Held at All Costs, Von Papen Is Quoted as Saying ….. Payday at Ijmuiden – The Marauders Square an Old Debt / By Bud Hutton ….. Bombs Rain on ‘Invasion Coast’ – U.S. Attacks Rock Houses In England Neither Heavies Nor B26s Meet Luftwaffe; RAF Hits Berlin Again ….. Job Deferments Summarily Cut ….. Luftwaffe Blames Weather ….. Allies Have 10-1 Bomber Odds Over Nazis, Churchill Asserts – U.S. Has More Aircraft In U.K. Now Than Britain, He Says ….. Noncombat GIs May Earn Bars – Theater Chiefs May Name As Officers Enlisted Men Overseas 6 Months ….. New-Model Fort Gives Waist Gunners Windows ….. Germans Preparing Drive, Turks Hear / By William King ….. Hungarians Still Fighting ….. A Week of Service Puts 2 ‘Veterans’ in the Money ….. Swift Soviet Thrust Now Menaces Jassy ….. Report Red Sub Attack On a Rumanian Convoy ….. Allies Advance On Myitkyina, North Burma – Rail Junction Threatened On 3 Sides; British Gain Along Indian Border ….. U.S. Destroyers Shell Admiralties Island ….. Three Islands in Kuriles Raided by Liberators ….. The Guns Passed a Personal Test – Churchill Lauds U.S. Arms and Men / By Philip H. Bucknell ….. Air Evacuation Meets the Test – Over 173,000 Casualties Flown Out Last Year, Army Report Says ….. Fighting for Generations To Come, Hitler Declares ….. Rep. May Rebuffs Plea For Delay in Invasion ….. Six British Police Killed In Rioting in Palestine ….. Nationwide Grid Loop Planned Unpublicized Soviet Air Force Has Big Role in Red Victories / By Harrison Salisbury Reds Honor Marshall ….. Liquor Store Opens For Servicemen Only ….. Cassino Quiets; Germans Hold Fourth of Town – Fighting Slackens as Snow Falls; Nazis Believed Moving In More Men ….. Vichy Sets a Deadline On Absentee Penalties ….. New Patch for Men of Invasion HQ ….. Cassino Deadlock Blame Laid To Over-optimism, Bad Weather – Effects of Record Bombing Overestimated, Germans Surviving in Underground Havens; Assault On Monastery Hill Thwarted by Rain / By David Brown ….. Winant and Bevin Speak At Seamen’s Club Opening ….. 22 USO Shows On Tour in U.K. – Number Sets a Record; Schedules for Week Are Listed ….. 2 Fort Groups and B26 Unit Attain the 100-Mission Mark ….. Going Over Pint by Pint ….. Girl Offers an Eye To Save Sight of Flying Fort Hero ….. 2nd War Bond Drive Due For Navy ETO HQ Men ….. Unarmed Hops Win ATC Pilot Double Award – He Gets DFC, Air Medal For Flying Transports In Burma Theater ( Capt. Olen E. Cupp ) ….. ‘Shepherd’ Wins DSC ( Capt. Joseph Myers ) ….. Col. Duncan Honored ( Col. Glenn E. Duncan ) ….. Medals for Navy Fliers ( Lt. Stuart D. Johnston and Lt. (jg) Raymond W. Stone ) ….. Zemke Gets DSC ( Col. Hubert Zemke ) ….. Mahurin Becomes a Major ( Walker M. Mahurin ) ….. The Hungarian Prisoner ….. ‘Gusville’ ….. Comics Previewed Burma Air Stab – Terry and the Pirates ‘Broke’ Story of Glider ….. Invasion – Flip Corkin Actually The Col. Cochran Who Did the Job ….. Gets Air Medal ( Barbara Erickson ) ….. Food Poisoning Wave Hits 1,000 More in Texas Town ….. Ex – Governor Who Once Bopped Huey Long is Dead ….. Senate Votes $3,500,000,000 Aid to Veterans – ‘GI Rights Bill,’ Approved Unanimously, Goes to House This Week ….. War Is Striking Home; No Bock Beer This Year ….. It Made Charlie Sweat – Joan Ends Story of Chaplin Amours ….. It’s Still Only a Nickel On New York Subways ….. Waitress Is Found Clubbed To Death at Palm Beach ….. Five of German Spy Ring Are Sentenced to Prison ….. Horse Cavalry Is Praised For Italy Scouting Work ….. North Dakota House Votes To Lower Voting Age to 18 ….. No Halfway Measures