The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 03 23 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 121 Thursday, Mar. 23, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Berlin Hit Again; Luftwaffe Shuns Fight – Reluctance Mystifies Yanks; Cloud Was No Deterrent, They Say – Estimated 1,400 Tons Hurled Onto Reich Capital, Possibly Including Some Of New Giant Incendiaries ….. Strongpoint Guarding Odessa Falls; Reds Open Vitebsk Push ….. Puppet Tells Of New Rule In Hungary – Cites Aid to Nazis Against Common Foe; Report Rumanian Thrust ….. N.Y., Arizona OK Vote Bills ….. Midget PX Kit Set for Invasion – Tiny Unit to Supply Free Tobacco, Candy, Gum, Toilet Articles ….. Arnold Asks Girl Army Pilots; Men All Going Across ….. 20 Nazi Planes Blasted By Two Mosquito Pilots ….. 29 U.S. Soldiers Killed By Accidental ETO Blast ….. No Guns, No Hits, No Errors – Yank Yells in His Best German To Capture a Shot-Down Nazi ….. Marines Seize 2 Islands North Of New Ireland Complete Big Encirclement And Take Bomber Line 580 Mi. From Truk ….. Pilot Training Programs Are Lengthened in U.S. ….. P47s Dive 25,000 Feet, Blast Huge Nazi He 177 ….. Planes Go Up Again, Plants Go Down Again – Nazis Rebuild, So We Rebomb; It’s a Vicious Cyclefor Them / By Earl Mazo ….. Drive Carries Japs Into India, Allies Concede – However, Gen. Auchinleck Predicts Enemy Thrust In West Will Fail ….. Jury Is Selected To Try Chaplin ….. Film Star Jennifer Jones Will Seek a Reno Divorce ….. Promotions of Generals Now May Be Permanent ….. Cassino Nazis Are Reinforced – Hand-to-Hand Fighting Continues; Foe Shells Town From Hills ….. Medic’s Transfer At Sea to Save a Life Costs His Own ….. No Need to Ration Coal In U.S., Nelson Declares ….. Lady Astor at Round Table ….. Administration Exalts The IndividualWillkie ….. Patch Is Named 7th Army Chief ….. Hull Demands Enforced Peace – Outline of Foreign Policy Proposes Disarmament Within Safety Limits ….. Vesuvius Eruption Forces Evacuation of 3rd Town ….. FBI Arrests 17 In a $l,000,000 Shipyard Graft – Bethlehem Steel Workers Accused of Falsifying Welding Records ….. Nazi Broadcast Names Kleist as Boss in South ….. 13 Plead Guilty to Having Fake Gas-Ration Coupons ….. 1st Conduct Ribbon to WAC ………………….. Feature Section ( Insert ) ….. AAF Bombs From Alamein to Berlin – American airmen supporting ground operations, strangle enemy supply and smash obstacles in path of troops / By Earl Mazo ….. U.S. Regiment Discovers the Price of a Hilltop in Italy ( 34th Infantry Division at Mt. Pantano ) / By Sgt. Milton Lehman ….. ‘Minnie’ Makes a Comeback ( USS Minneapolis ) / By Jack Foster ….. Mentioned in Dispatches – The front-line dog has proved himself a hero. Here are stories of his valor ( War Dogs ) / By H. I. Brock ….. A Stars and Stripes Fiction Story – So-Long Baby ….. Single Engine Operator ( A Marauder named ‘Single Engine Operator’ ) ….. Highlights of Army Talks