The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 03 13 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 112 Monday, Mar. 13, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Reds Knock Out 500 Nazi Tanks – Bridge Dnieper To Threaten New Trap ….. ‘Economic Squeeze’ on Eire Is Seen – Observers Link Refusal Of U.S. to Sell Ships With Note Rejection ….. GIs Sleep on Floors, Chairs in London – Many Units Exceed Quotas in Passes To Jammed City / By Arthur W. White ….. N. Britain Push Cuts Off Enemy – Marines Seize Airfield In Rabaul Drive; Jap Base Battered Again ….. 15 More Days of Aerial Combat And Luftwaffe’s OutMahurin ….. Luftwaffe Again Absent as Libs Hit Calais After Munster Raid ….. By 1945 Reich Will Be PushoverMontgomery ….. Flying Boat Mars Sets Record for Mail Load ….. Leipzig Photos Proof of Havoc – Four Important Aircraft Factories Blasted Out Of Production ….. Toulon Targets Smashed ….. ‘Pagliacci’ Dies in Character ….. WMC Warns Coal Stocks Are Low, Miners Needed ….. Indians’ Own Main Street? ( Detroit’s Woodward Ave ) ….. Allies Advanced 150 Miles Into Burma in Week – Gen. Stilwell Says ‘Valley Will Soon Be Ours’; 800 Japs Killed ….. Speedy Burma Advance May Open Ledo Road ….. Guns 9,000 Feet Up, World’s Highest, Shell Burma Japs ….. Brig. Gen. Graves, Flier, Missing in Action in Italy ….. Pacific Flight Record ….. Sub Toll in February Lowest of War for U.S. ….. LeMay Named Major-General ….. Ibn Saud Receives Lend-Lease Gift of Guns, Ammunition ….. Foe Calls Raids, Red Push Preliminaries to Invasion ….. U.S. Asked to Raise Pay Of Conscientious Objectors ….. Plant Hirings Fall Below Job VacanciesPerkins ….. Rome Must Not Be a Battlefield, Pope Warns All – Urgent Appeal Asks Axis And Allies to Turn Thoughts to Peace ….. ‘All Quiet’ in Italy Expected to End Soon ….. Doug Fairbanks Jr. Gets Silver Star ‘for Salerno’ ….. Nazis Credits 3 Aces With 250 Kills Each, 16 Others With 100 ….. Crete Nazis Lose Convoy; Now Pinched for Food ….. ETO Hospital Stages Dry Run Handling Invasion Wounded ….. -From Battling Japs to Shining Buttons – A Fightin’ Navy Veteran Now Chauffeurs Colonel for Victory ( Pfc Sam A. Lollor ) ….. Arts-Hobbies Exhibition To Be Taken to N. Ireland ….. Gilberts Heroism Wins James Roosevelt Medal ….. 72 Rescued After Vessel Is Torpedoed in Atlantic ….. Medal of Honor Won by Kelly, Hero in Italy ( T/Sgt. Charles E. Kelly ) – Congressional Award Goes To Pittsburgh Rifleman For Series of Deeds ….. Cobb Letter Asking Cremation, Burial In Kentucky Bared ….. BBC Orchestra Plans Four Concerts for Yanks ….. Gen. ‘Ike’ Makes a Date With British Cadet Grads – Says He’ll Meet New Officers ‘East of The Rhine’ ….. 17 USO Shows On Tour in ETO – Hampshire Area to See New Production, ‘At Your Service’ Red Cross Parties and Dances Will Mark St. Patrick’s Day ….. Village Honors Flier Who Died To Save Its Civilians in Crash ….. Orphans’ Fund Nears 50,000 – Goal Set Up When Drive Began Likely to Be, Surpassed This Week ….. U.S. Congressmen Are Invited to Visit British Parliament ….. Fighter Pilot Bucking in ETO Wins a Big Montana Stripe ( 2/Lt. Robert D. Welden ) ….. Murray Defends Labor, Directs Plea to Troops ….. Magazine Distribution ….. 64 Pct. Favor Dewey Over Willkie in Poll – N.Y. Governor Is Gaining In Popularity, Gallup Survey Shows ….. Adultery Involving Heiress Puts Golfer Behind Bars ….. Meeting in London Mar. 28 Shunned by U.S. Airlines ….. Lend-Lease Extension Finding Little Opposition ….. 96 Pct. in ETO Have Insurance – Average Soldier Holds A $9,000 Service Policy, War Department Says ….. Their Billets Doux To Nazi Captives Trap Three WACs ….. FDR Studying Question Of French Recognition ….. Organized Mother Love Battles the Demon Rum ….. Denver Republican Wins Congressional Election ( Dean Gillespie ) ….. Charges GOP Killed GI Ballot – Lucas Says Federal-Vote Bill Fell Before ‘Pure Partisan Politics’