The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 03 04 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 105 Saturday, Mar. 4, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Berliners See First U.S. Planes As Fighters Sweep Over City; Heavies Hit Northwest Reich – 4 French Airfields Pounded in Deep Thrust by B26s ….. 3rd Division Is Hailed for Italy Victory – Yanks Get Major Credit In Smashing Back Nazis; Bombers Batter Foe ….. FDR Nominates Lee for Lt. Gen. ….. 6,000,000 Reported On Strike in N. Italy ….. RAF Now Dropping A 12,000-Pound Bomb ….. ‘Luck’ in Blow At Admiralties Comes to Light – U.S. ‘Followed Up’ When Little Resistance Met ‘Reconnaissance’ Force ….. Ella Logan Will Appear In Show’s London Debut ….. Stilwell Reported Wounded ….. Third of Italian Fleet Will Go To Russia, FDR Discloses ….. Congress Gets New Vote Plan – Conferees’ Compromise Gives Troops Restricted Use of a Federal Ballot ….. His Comment: ‘What, Only Two Days? – Last-Minute Stay of 48 Hours Saves Lepke From the Chair ….. Did Soldier Punch Lewis in the Nose? Miners’ Chief Mum ….. Nazis Say New Bomber Is in Use Over London ….. Beckham Down; 8th’s Top Ace ….. We’re the Guinea Pigs – Anglo-U.S. Unity Getting Its Real Test Right Here / By James B. Reston ….. Clergy Differ on Remarriage For Couples Separated by War – Two Protestants For, One Against Idea; Catholic, Rabbi Disapprove ….. U.S. Network Radio Programs ….. A ‘Caesarian’ Gives Betty Grable Daughter ….. Lonergan Case Mistrial; Judge Cites Lawyer – Contempt Charge Faces Counsel; Suspect Held In Cathedral Murder ….. Police Say Negro Admits Slaying Woman ( Catherine Cooper Reardon ) ….. Coal Industry Needs Every Miner–McNutt ….. May Ask U.S. to Lift Ban On Debtor Nations’ Credit ….. New London ARC Club ….. Paul Lukas. Voted Year’s Top Actor; ‘Casablanca’ Wins Picture Award ….. Davis Defeats Morgan In Louisiana Primary ….. Nazis at Narva Cut Off by Red Thrust to Gulf – Soviets Step Up Pressure On Pskov and Gain in Drive Toward Latvia ….. Stettinius Due Soon in London ….. Legion of Merit Awarded To Spiegelberg, Shearer ….. 8,760 Planes in February Sets U.S. Output Record ….. Nazi Panzer Experts Dead – Gen. Fritz Kuehn and Gen. Lutz