The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 03 02 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 103 Thursday, Mar. 2, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Yanks Land on Admiralty Isles, 1,300 Miles from the Philippines, Cutting Sea Life-Line to Rabaul – Seize Vital Airfield In Surprise Blow From Destroyers ….. Reds’ Peace Terms Sent To Finland – 6-Point Proposal Demands Internment of All Nazi Troops and Ships ….. Finland Closes Pubs; Once a Peace Augury ….. Advance Units Of Reds Reach Pskov Suburbs – Final Battle for Junction Begins; Flanks of City’s Defenders Menaced ….. Atrocity Story’s Delay Hurt Bond Drive, Treasury Says ….. Navy Yard Welder Indicted In Sabotage of Battleship ….. Jap ‘Pearl Harbor’ Phoney Fortress? – ‘Mighty’ Truk Myth Exploded, Even Lacks Battleship Drydock ….. FDR Returns to Desk, Sees Military Leaders ….. Dewey Says Peace Terms Must Not Be Too Rigid ….. Billy Cely, Davy Crockett–Synonyms – Texas Honors a Son, the ‘Papa’ Who Brought ‘Em Home in Fort ….. Planes Hit Truk at Will For Nearly 2 Days / By Lief Erickson ….. Tokyo Says U.S. Planes In Hops Over Mainland ….. The RAF Flies the Luftwaffe,Too – ‘Circus’ of Captive Planes on Tour For Inspection / By G. K. Hodenfield ….. Devastated Marshalls Whipped Into Shape as American Bases ….. Argentina Faces Revolt Against Pro-Axis Clique – U.S. Watches Closely as Army-Navy Rebellion Rumors Persist ….. FBI Exposes British Tar Posing as Gestapo Captain ….. ETO Cpl. Waits Publication Of His ‘The Concerto’ in U.S. – Ex-Victor Research Man Wrote Nearly Half In the Army ….. Texans to Celebrate Tonight At Mostyn Club State Dinner ….. Alvin York’s Son Dons ODs; Hitler’d Better Git ….. Nazis Massing For Anzio Push – Germans’ Unsuccessful Use Of Small Robot Tanks Revealed by Allies ….. B26s Set New Medium Record ….. Baruch Offers 8-Pt. Program For Conversion – Urges Speediest Possible Resumption of Output For Civilian Needs ….. …………….. Feature Section ( Insert ) ….. England Wants Ships – Below is the story of what followed President Roosevelt’s famous statement. ‘Ocean’ ships, built in American yards and manned by British seamen, are a tribute to Allied sea power / By Don Hewitt ….. Meet a Frontline Chaplain ( Lt. Col. William E. King ) – From the Stars and Stripes, Algiers ….. Jumping With the Chips down – ‘Toil and sweat’ is the motto at an ETO Training Center where Army Specialists qualify as Paratroopers / By Philip Bucknell ….. GO! Capt. Herbert Sobell, watches the students making their first jump ( 101st Airborne 506th Easy Company ) ….. Favorites Die Here / By Sgt. Clyde Zimmerman ….. GI’s View of ‘Liberty Run’ / By Cpl. Robert J. Stine, USAAF ….. Highlights of Army Talks