The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 29 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 101 Tuesday, Feb. 29, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Hitler Orders Pskov Held to the Last Man; Reds 10 Mi. from City – Big Ukraine Drive Renewed; Goal Is Kherson ….. Heavies, B26s Renew Attacks, Blast at Calais – Raid Is 18th Major Smash Of Month; Flak Is Heavy; Six Bombers Lost ….. Warships, Planes Again Shell And Bomb Rabaul and Kavieng ….. U.S. Navy to Top Rest Of World’s Combined ….. Finns Warned Of Italy’s Fate – Parliament Meets as Nazis Issue Threat; Helsinki Raid City’s Heaviest ….. 6,500 Japs Trapped In Burma; 1,500 Slain ….. 10 U.S. Airmen Saved in Alps, Others Stranded, Berlin Says ….. Manpower Shortage Past, Green Asserts ….. Ulster Lockheed Workers Must Return for Draft – All Technicians Who Are 22 or Younger Affected; Others Facing Order / By Jules B. Grad ….. Carbine Now Can Stop Tank ….. 1st Absentee Ballot Reaches ETO–for Last Year’s Vote ….. U.S. Loans to Help GIs Set Up in Business Again ….. Ready to Carry Invasion,Wounded – Evacuation Group Organized, Waits Start of Big Job / By Andrew A. Rooney ….. Ninth Has a Separate Troop Carrier Outfit ….. Even Germans Doubt Defenses Impregnable – Nazi Party Organ Says Air Mastery Is Key To Victory / By Taylor Henry ….. 2 GIs Cited for Risking Lives in Runaway Truck ….. Allies Bolster Anzio Forces – 2 Nazi ‘House-Fortresses’ Taken as British, U.S. Reserves Pour In ….. Badoglio Asks Status as Ally ….. Navy Barge-Plate Strike In Detroit Conies to End ….. Navy Will Have Big Flying Boat – JRM1 ….. Japs Shun Talk On Repatriation ….. Chinese Paper Declares Allies May Bypass Truk ….. New Rationing Plan Begun ….. Merchant Fleet Called a Peace Table Factor – Land Tells Congress U.S. Has ‘Ace in the Hole’ for Bargaining Purposes ….. Kidnappers Caught After Gun Battle; Girl, 16, Unharmed ( Oline McKnight )