The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 28 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 100 Monday, Feb. 28, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Week’s 8th AF Tonnage Tops 1st Year’s – Nazi Fighter Output Is Cut To Ribbons – Down 80 Pct. in One Type, U.S. Spokesman Asserts After Big Friday Raids ….. 3-Way Push For Riga Is Developing – Reds Closing In on Pskov While 2 Other Forces to South Drive Ahead ….. Finland Reported Talking to Berlin On Peace Move ….. Job Deferments Up for Review At FDR Order – Minimum Age to Escape Draft May Be Changed From 22 to 26 ….. Not a Single Sub Attacked – Huge Convoy Lands Thousands Of Yanks in U.K. Ready to Fight ….. McNary, GOP Leader, Is Dead ….. 11 States Plan Troop Vote in May Primaries – Arrangements Are Made For Postal Application For Absentee Ballots ….. Willkie Calls Veto A ‘Paper Record,’ Taxes ‘Inadequate’ ….. Plan Studied to Merge War, Navy Departments ….. Don’t Aid Allied Airmen, Germans Warn French ….. Say 50,000 Japs Virtually Cut Off On Two Islands – Gen. MacArthur Aide Cites ‘Blockade’ of N. Britain And New Ireland ….. Jap HQ in New Guinea Had Geisha Girls Near ….. Soo Canal Work Wins Col. Strong Legion of Merit ….. Allies at Anzio Repel Assaults – Small Nazi Units Probing Lines; Yanks Beat Off Thrusts at Cassino ….. Nazis Sprout Red Crosses, To Double Cross Yanks ….. Lt. Donald E. Knowlton Wins DSC For Heroism at Anzio ….. Georgia Fire Destroys 2,000 Drums of Resin ….. U.S. and British Medics Exchange Methods, Ideas ….. Plane Carrier Launched, 84th Since Pearl Harbor ( USS Bennington ) ….. Our Aside to GI Jane: It’s a Funny War – An ATS Report to the WAC: Life in the U.S. Is Pretty Nice ….. 8th AF Tonnage in Week Tops Total in First Year of Bombing ….. Exhibition by 3 Artists Of 9th Air Force to Open ….. Strike Stops Entire Output Of Landing-Barge Plates ….. U.S. Debating Argentine Split – Farrell’s Coup Reported Regarded by Capital As a Revolution ….. U.S. Refusing to Accept ‘German-Tainted’ Gold ….. Traveling Show Giving Lessons In Camouflage – Carnival – Like Exhibits Explain Concealment To U.K. Units ….. Ace Aerial Gunner Homeward Bound Laden With Medals ( Michael Arooth ) ….. Italian PWs Have a Yen To Be U.S. ‘Voluntaries’ ….. 16 USO Shows Out This Week – Schedules Are Listed; 14 More Entertainers Have Arrived in U.K. ….. P-47s Now Carry 2,000-Pounders as Bombers in South ….. Yanks Take Over British Church Services – One Yank Acts as Minister; One Delivers Sermon; Third Plays Organ; WAC Is Soloist–and All Sing in Choir ….. ‘Tunisian Victory’ Due In London Cinemas Soon ….. Leap Year Parties Lead List Of Programs at Some Clubs ….. Orphans Fund Within 2,500 Of First Goal – Six 100 Pounds Contributions In Week Push Total Close to 50,000 British Pounds ….. The ‘Battle of Guts’ at the Rapido – Yanks Get Nowhere, But Bloody Fight Helps Anzio / By John O. Kearney ….. U.S. Doubles Its Lend-Lease Aid To Reds in ’43 – 7,800 Planes, 4,700 Tanks Sent; Soviet Gets 51 Pct. of Food Exports ….. Luna Park Is Swept By Coney Island Fire ….. Slaves of Sinatra Quietly Emancipate Themselves ….. Wants Marshalls Combed For Evidence of Earhart ….. Just, Stable World Order U.S. War Goal, Hull Says ….. Biddle Sees Threat Later Of Nazi Cartel Domination ….. Yanks Aren’t Calloused Even Yet to Jeep fatigue ….. Biggest Airfield Expected to Be Operating in’44 – Idlewild, in Queens, N.Y., Has 2-Mile Runways, Will Handle 300 Ships Hourly¬†