The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 26 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 99 Saturday, Feb. 26, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Battle to Finish Luftwaffe Passes 6th Day – Attacks on Stuttgart, Regensburg Climax Furious 24-Hr. Drive – Messerschmitt and Ball-Bearing Factories Pounded; Fighters Fly 1,100 Miles; Schweinfurt Gets It 3 Times ….. Nazis Leave Vitebsk, Key Baltic Base – Reds Aim New Offensive At Minsk, Threatening 450-Mile-Long Front ….. Re-employment Group Formed ….. Russia’s Demands To Finns Listed in Stockholm Report ….. ‘Big Three’ for Invasion Inspect (And Bounce With) Tank Units / By William Smith White ….. US. Repatriates Head for Home – Some 350 American civilians interned in German-occupied territory will be repatriated aboard the Gripsholm ….. Sgt. Lowden a Helper–Not a Gaper – GI and His British Pal Save Apartment House in Fire Blitz ….. Senate, 72 to 14, Enacts Tax Bill Over FDR Veto – $2,315,000,000 Measure Passes Easily; Barkley, President ‘Make Up’ ….. Roosevelt Quit Capital Only to Rest, Early Says ….. Mud, Mess Kits and Dungarees – ‘Front Line’ Tent Hospital Already Operating in ETO ….. Roving Carrier Fleet Strikes Marshall Japs – Planes Follow Up Truk, Marianas Blows With Raids on Atolls ….. ‘This Is The Army’ Nets $322,000 in ETO Benefits ….. Gen. Doolittle On Air Tonight His AFN Subject: Shangri La ….. U.S. Army in Australia Makes It Tough on Cupid ….. Alexander Inspects Beachhead Yanks ….. Germans Mass Ten Divisions For Third Assault at Anzio ….. Argentine Coup Ousts Ramirez, Pro-Axis Officers Seize Control ….. Florida Guests Can’t Get Gas For Trip North – Thousands of Tourists’ Cars Are Stranded By Ration Board’s Ban