The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 24 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 97 Thursday, Feb. 24, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Libs from Italy Hit Luftwaffe’s Largest Ball-Bearing Plants – 310 Nazi Fighters Downed in Great 3-Day Offensive ….. -And This Isn’t Germany Speaking – Is Reich Still Strong?–Puh-lenty! / By J. Wes Gallagher ….. Barkley Breaks With Roosevelt; Capital Stunned – Quits as Democratic Chief Of Senate in a Dramatic Protest on Tax Veto ….. Says Poll Defeat for FDR Would Pep Up All the Axis ….. Worried Tokyo Declares Philippines State of Crisis ….. Finnish ‘Envoy’ Returns Home – Peace Mission to Sweden By Paasikivi Believed A Complete Failure ….. Bombs Strike Stockholm; Gunfire Heard off Coast ….. February Bomber Losses Sink From 3.1% Average to 2.2% ….. 3 U.S. Nurses at Anzio Awarded the Silver Star ….. Lonergan Trial Postponed ….. Nazis Lose 10 Planes In London Fire Raid ….. Two Outposts Of Pskov Are Being Battered – Red Armies of the Ukraine Gathering for Start of Big Advance West ….. Seven of Every 10 Buying Bonds, Morgenthau Says ….. British Troops ‘Cheated’ Of Smokes, Paper Charges ….. Secret Process Increases Speed, Range of Planes ….. Secret Weapons: No. 4-The Bogey Stories – Buck Rogers Is on the Firing Line – Reports of Fantastic Schemes Put Out By Germans ….. FDR Orders Army to Seize L. A. Light and Water Facilities ….. Provides for Operation By U.S. to Avert Crisis Due to Coast Strike ….. Red Cross Clubs in London List Programs for the Week ….. When This Boy Necks, Anything May Happen ….. Yanks Smash 2 New Attacks In Anzio Area – Nazis Still Regrouping, However, for Another Big Try in Italy ….. City Living Costs Drop 2 Per Cent in a Month ….. Back From Attu – Martha O’Driscoll ….. Plane Carrier Shangri La Will Be Launched Today ….. U.S. Chiefs Hail Russia’s Army On Anniversary – Marshall Cites Its Recent Victories as Forerunners Of Ultimate Triumph ….. Roosevelt Agrees That War May Not End in ETO in ’44 …………….. Feature Section ( Insert ) ….. A Globe-Busting Outfit Hits ‘100’ ( 93rd Bomb Group ) – From Oslo to Ploesti, the oldest Liberator Group in the ETO has plastered Nazi targets with nearly 7,000,000 lbs. of HE / By Lt. Carroll W. Stewart ….. Sea-going ‘G-Men’ Shadow the Axis – Experts on landing operations and U-Boat destruction, America’s ‘shallow water’ sailors are adding colorful pages to Coast Guard history. / By Jean Bradnick ….. Saga of The ‘Spit kits’ / By Alfred Wagg ….. ‘Yankee Doodlers’ Come to Town – Another All-Soldier Show comes to the ETO―a fast-moving production, whose talented cast makes the most of a well-written script. It’s strictly GI from start to finish. ….. Greeks Have A Word For It – The desire to fly brought Steve Pissanos from Greece to America-A lucky break for the USAAF ….. Highlights of Army TalksĀ