The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 23 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 96 Wednesday, Feb. 23, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … U.S. in First Joint North-South Air Blow – Heavies From Italy And Britain Plaster Bomb-Drunk Reich – Double Thrust Splits Luftwaffe, Battered Without Letup Since Sunday in Five Massive Assaults ….. U.S. Bomber Force Tops RAF’s Now – Premier Tells of Growing Pre-Invasion Bombing; War May Enter ’45 ….. Krivoi Rog Falls To Reds; City Is Wrecked by Foe – Way Cleared for Russian Push Toward Nikolaev, Kherson and Odessa ….. U.S. Planes Again Hit Kuriles; West Marshalls Mopped Up ….. L.A. Strike Keeps Power Cut After Gale Fells Lines ….. U.S. Dominant Now in Pacific – Knox Cites Navy’s Deeds, But Warns China Coast Still Is Far Away ….. Libs Forced Down in Sweden To Join Airline Run to Britain ….. Howard Promoted, Given Command of First P51 B Group ….. Secret Weapons: No. 3—Ground Plans – Invasion Will Unveil Hidden Arms – Both Sides Sitting Tight on Latest Inventions ….. Guns Hammer Nazis Massing Anew at Anzio – Lull in Ground Battling Follows 2nd German Bridgehead Defeat ….. Yanks Seized at Anzio Up to Par, Nazis Admit ….. 1943 Aluminum Output 75 Pct. Over That of ’42 ….. New Symphonic Series Starts on AFN Tonight ….. In London You Suffer Most, Devers Declares ….. Help Wanted Even Helps Magicians Find Lost Tricks ….. U.S. Moving to Effect Baruch Prosperity Plan ….. Col. William A. Hatcher, Group Chief, Is Prisoner in Germany ….. Ask Intercession by U.S. ‘In the Behalf of Finland’ ….. Congress Gets Tax Bill Back; FDR Vetoes It – Roosevelt Scores 2-Billion Plan as a Concession to Special Privilege ….. Village of Washington Marks Birthday of ‘Father’ of U.S.