The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 10 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 85 Thursday, Feb. 10, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Reds Threaten 15 More Nazi Divisions – Krivoi Rog Is Ringed On 3 Sides; Escape Line West Imperiled – Russians Smash 7 Divisions at Nikopol And Rout 7 More; 10 Encircled at Kirovograd Hammered Steadily ….. House Says ‘No’ to Vote Compromise – Rejection Follows Senate OK on a Federal Ballot; Bill Goes to Conference ….. Nimitz Calls China Bases Key To Japan Raids- and Victory ….. ‘Lost’ Ranger’s Raid Is Bared – Carrier Reported Sunk By Nazis Makes Daring Sortie to Hit Norway ….. Calais Targets Hit by Mediums For 37th Day – B26s Bomb Rail Center 100 Mi. Inside France; No Enemy Fighters ….. Peace Terms Are ‘Outlined’ ….. Wallace’s Peace Formula: Arm World With Goods ….. Everything, Even Allied AA, Hit Nell / By Ray Ingham ( B-17 named ‘Touch the Button Nell ) ….. U.S. Town to Give Stalin $1,675 in War Bonds ….. Four AFL Leaders Ask Boost in Ceiling on Wages ….. Nothing Ever Changes – Get Out the Aspirin – Polish Border Problem A Headache for Centuries ….. Nazi Films Show Fighters Cannot Halt Forts, Libs ….. Allied Bombers Smash Hidden Panzers in Italy – Cisterna Is Blasted After Tanks Are Spotted There; Cassino Battle Rages ….. Gen. Clark Rescues British Soldier in Raid ….. Film Schedule In ETO Lauded – Distribution Satisfactory, Despite Complaints in States, Reisman Says ….. Frankfurt Virtually Gone After Raids, Swedes Hear ….. High Taxes, Price Control Post-War NeedsEccles ….. Fourth Term? FDR Laughs, Has No News – President Refers Press To Bible, but Reporters Find It Non-Political ….. Willkie Says New Leader Could Aid U.S. World Ties …………….. Feature Section ( Insert ) ….. The ‘Duchess’ is Queen of the Libs – Veteran of 47 Missions from Ploesti to Pas de Calais, she has never yet failed to reach her objective / By Earl Mazo ….. All Set for the Luftwaffe – Nazi planes will get a hot reception if they wander in the range of this crack Ack-Ack outfit. When their big moment comes they know long months of training will pay heavy dividends / By Allan Morrison ….. Beating Tojo at his own Game – Our troops have evolved tricks of their own and discovered the enemy’s fatal weaknesses / By Frank L. Kluckhohm ….. ‘Taxi, Sailor?’ / By Lt. Col. Jack Redding ….. Invasion~Old Style – England Stormed onto France in 1346 and held a beach 200 years