The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 08 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 83 Tuesday, Feb. 8, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Fleet Shells Base in Jap Home Waters – Daring Blow Struck Kuriles in Far North; Tokyo Fears Invasion – Paramushiro Is Hit By Planes After Warship Raid ….. Nazi Lines In Dnieper Bend Totter – Reds Turn, Open a Drive For Kherson; 200 Soviet Planes Raid Helsinki ….. Planes to Reds Via Alaska ….. Green Battles Total Service ( AFL President William Green ) ….. Tokyo Bemoans U.S. ‘Atrocities’ – Denies Charges by Allies And Cooks Up Tale of American ‘Barbarism’ ….. Willkie Reported Planning Nebraska Primary Entry ….. Peace Terms Already Fixed? – U.S. Demands Submitted To London Commission, N.Y. Paper States ….. Nothing Snafu About the Fubar – Landlubber Engineers Build Army Leakless One-Ship Navy ….. Discharged Veterans Redrafted as Privates ….. Yanks Regain Lost Ground in Big Italy Battle – German Counter-Attacks Beaten Back; Nazis Still . Fighting in Cassino ….. New ‘Goon Gun’ Mortar In Use by Yanks in Italy ….. Invasion Front Already on Film – PRU Experts Doing A Gigantic Job of Photography / By Earl Mazo ….. Air Force Briefing ….. Wallace Visions Living Standard At Record High – Insists Terrific War Debt Won’t Hinder Gains if All Co-Operate ….. Hit Films Sent U.S. Prisoners – Allies and Germany Swap Movies Under a Deal Set Up by YMCAs ….. Five Ask Change Into WAC Uniform ….. More WACs Slated for ETO ….. Pearl-Laden Japs Fly and Sail Through Blockade Into Europe ….. Bomber-Output Figures Of U.S. to Startle World ….. More Prisoners of War Being Used as U.S. Labor ….. Navy Nurses Reach Britain – 100 in the Initial American Group to Arrive in U.K.; Will Take Over Hospital