The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 05 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 81 Saturday, Feb. 5, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Annihilation Faces Nazi Armies Trapped in Bend; Reds Drawing New Net Tight at Luga in North – Pressure on Nikopol Swells; Vitebsk’s Fall Foreseen ….. House Puts Soldier Vote Up to States – 328-69 Decision Follows Defeat of Proposal for A Federal Ballot ….. $300 Peace Bonus Assured; FDR Signs Compromise Bill ….. Small Growth Removed From Roosevelt’s Head ….. NW Reich Hit In Heavies’ 7th Raid in 8 Days – U.S. Bombers Escorted To Targets and Back; Report Intense Flak ….. Work to Keep Spain a Neutral ….. U.S. Mops Up Kwajalein Japs – All 32 Islets Nearly Won As Vast Supplies Pour In; Losses Relatively Small ….. Flamethrower Use Protested – Squeamish Home Front’s Plea for Japs Soundly Scored by Marshall ….. 2,000,000 More Soldiers To Go Overseas in 1944 ….. Sen. Lodge Quits To Rejoin Army ….. -And Save the Ship to Boot – 3 in Fort Refuse to Bail Out, Stay to Rescue Trapped Gunner / By Henry B. Jameson ( B-17 Canadian Club, Pilot Lt. James C. Waggoner ) ….. Film Star Back to Army Clerk Job – That’s the Story of Sgt. Who’ll Appear in British Movie / By Andrew A. Rooney ( Sgt. John Sweet ) ….. Allies Beat Off 4 Nazi Attacks South of Rome – Americans in Street Battle For Cassino; Rommel Is Reported in Italy ….. Austria Eats Chickens Before the Eggs Are Laid ….. AFN to Give a Play-by-Play Of Football Game at Bristol ….. Marshalls’ Shells Crack Defenses and Jap Minds ….. Nazis Running Blockade Sunk – Navy Tells of 48-Hr. Battle With Craft Laden With Supplies From Japan ….. Seeks to Place McCormick On Illinois Primary Ballot ….. Grim Reminder of Jap Brutality ….. Two Forts Collide in Storm; One Gets Back, Minus a Tail ( B-17 named Horrible Hanks ) ….. Bill Is Introduced to Boost 4 Top War Chiefs in U.S. ….. U.S. War Cost To Be Slashed By 27 Billions – Shift to Offensive Has Cut Needs in Certain Lines, Stimson Declares ….. Draft-Dodger Bergdoll Freed; Served 5 Years ….. Patriotism Should Guide Vote, a Governor Asserts ….. Strike Over, Collectors Tackle Garbage Mountain ( Pittsburgh ) ….. Post Office Shows a Profit Of $1,332,849 for 1943