The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 02 04 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 80 – Friday, Feb. 4, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … U.S. Heavies Hit Wilhelmshaven; 6th Raid in Week ….. Over 1,100 Planes Blast Enemy Port – Marauders, Allied Craft In Day-Long Sweeps Over N.W. Europe ….. Reds Trap 10 Divisions in Dnieper Bend – Two Soviet Armies Link Up in Big Push; Smyela Is Captured – 100,000 to 150,000 Men Encircled; New Thrusts Carry Russian Units 85 Miles Inside Poland, to Gates of Narva ….. Fed Up With War; Time to Finish It, Montgomery Says ….. Second Key Island Falls in Marshalls – Namur Seized, U.S. Gains On Kwajalein; Main Fleet Revealed Far to West ….. Bitter Fighting Rages for Trio Of Italian Cities – Enemy Hold Weakening At Cassino; Allied Planes Batter at Cisterna ….. Propose Ballot By U.S. Only If States Fail – Senators Would Restrict Federal Ballot to States Not Providing One ….. Output of Heavy Bombers Up, Total Production Off ….. Columnist Raymond Clapper Dies in Marshalls Plane Crash ….. Gobs’ Airmail May Be Cut Off ….. Marshall May Be Called ‘General of the Armies’ ….. Nebraska Farm Boys Halt Escape of Nazi Prisoners ….. 60,000 French Patriots Die ….. Heaven Can Wait Spins Out of Angels’ Reach ( B-24 named ‘Heaven Can Wait’ ) ….. Glider Troops Tough as They Come – Ride to Their Goal Is No Pleasure Jaunt, Either / By Philip H. Bucknell ….. Willkie Demands a Tax Bill Providing I6-Billion Revenue – Says It’s Only Way to Balk Debt Which Would Peril ‘Things We Fight For’ ….. U.S. Is Warned It Faces A Big Post-War Slump ….. It Was a Sweet Idea, But Alimony Payee Gets Stuck With It ….. British -American 17-Man Unit Gives 100 British Pounds for an Orphan ….. Nazi Radio Station Is Hit In Raid on Albanian Port ….. Army Will Tell Vets How to Get Jobs, Old or New – Discharge Form to Inform Soldiers of Rights And Privileges ….. Question About It, the War Makes Strange Bedfellows ….. Benjamin F. Fairless Wants U.S. Title To Plants to End at Peace ….. Critical Time of the War Nearing, Marshall Says ….. ‘This Is the Army’ Returning To London for Final Showing