The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 22 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 69 – Saturday, January 22, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … France Is Hit After Greatest Berlin Raid – U.S., Allied Swarms Of Heavies, Mediums Blast Channel Coast – Reich Capital Left Afire by 2,460 Bomb Tons ….. Your Chance of Voting … 12 States So Far Have Laws to Give Soldier Vote ….. Group OK’s Bill for U.S. To Issue Soldier Ballot ….. Reds Smash Nazis Back in North – Pivot of Rail Lines To Baltic States Is Threatened ….. Red Cross Ready and Waiting To Move Onto Continent, Too / By Arthur W. White ….. 17 Jap Vessels Sunk; Cruiser Bagged by Sub – Warship Ko’d by British; U.S. Submersibles Get 12 Merchant Craft ….. The Crops Are Shooting Up – Bomb-Plowed Invasion Coast Begins to Grow Flak in Gobs ….. Denies Factory Switch Is Near – McNutt Warns War Need Is Still Great; Contracts Won’t Be Canceled ….. Lowell Bennett, Of INS, Safe-a Captive of Nazis ….. New-Type Furlough Pass Soon Will Be Required ….. The Douglas A20 Now Night Fighter With Four Cannon ….. Praise the Lord and Pass Those Planes the Credit / By Charlie F. Kiley ….. Super Planes To Hit Britain, Swedes Hear ….. Bataan Japs Scourge New Britain Key Ridge Is Bathed in Blood Before Fall to Heroic Marines / By Murlin Spencer ….. Nazis Believed Ready for New Retreat in Italy – Anchors of Gustav Line Broken at Ends; Allies Near Cassino Road ….. Eighth Air Force Musical, ‘Skirts,’ Set for Premiere ….. Ginger Rogers, Ronald Colman To Be Heard on AFN Program ….. Average Budget Is Still Going Up, Survey Shows – Miss Perkins Cites 3 Pct. Rise in Year; 23.4 Pct. Increase Since 1941