The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 15 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 63 – Saturday, January 15, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Reds Shatter Nazi Central-Front Line – Seizure of 2 Towns Opens the Gateway to Pinsk, Brest-Litovsk – Russians Slowed In Advance on Rumania ….. U.S. Planes Blast French Coast Again – RAF and Allied Craft Join Streams of American Heavies, Mediums ….. Nazi Prisoner Suicides In U.S. Camps Probed ….. FDR Pledge to Release Many When Nazis Lose Elates U.S. ….. French Troops Gain in Italy – Win 2 Miles in Mountains As Yanks Beat Off Counter-Attack ….. Federal Control Of Soldier Vote Killed by Group – House Committee OKs A Bill Leaving Ballot Regulation to States ….. Building Up for Bigger Blows, Spaatz Assures U.S. by Radio ….. Knox Tells Scouts U.S. Youths Need Military Training ….. The USAAF Displays Its Wares It’s a Show Within A Show too, at Selfridge’s / By Andrew A. Rooney ….. Nazis Describe New Fighter And a ‘Tagalong’ Glide Bomb – Stockholm Reports Tell of Heavily-Armored Plane Able to Defy Heavies’ Guns; Parachutes Carry Mine Into Formations ….. AFN Listeners To Hear Pilots ….. Japs Threaten Yank Positions In New Britain – Texas Force Launching Attacks to Keep Their Hold on Bridgehead ….. Congress to Act On Bill to Boost War Chief Ranks ….. Air Medal for Oram Routine, But It’s Symbol to Newsmen