The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 13 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 61 – Thursday, January 13, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Smashing Blow Dealt Nazi Plane Output – 3 Plants Pulverized At Cost of 59 Heavies In Greatest Air Battle – U.S. Aircraft Shoot Down More Than 100 Enemy Ships in Raging Dogfight With Swarms of Germans ( Oserschleben, Halberstadt and Brunswick ) ….. U.S. Crewmen Speak in Awe Of Giant Battle – Fought ‘Whole Damned Luftwaffe,’ Some Say; Yet Others Saw None ….. P51 in Action Here, Washington Reveals ….. Sarny Falls; Nazis Battle To Halt Rumania Drive ….. $300 Upon Discharge Urged For Men in Service 60 Days ….. ‘Series Buzzer’ Brings Fort Back With 2 Engines, No Crew / By Earl Mazo ….. FDR Proposes Building 34,000 Miles of Roads ….. Allied Invaders to Take Their Own Railway Along / By Richard Wilbur ….. Pigeons of War Helping Pave Way for the Dove of Peace / By Tom Hoge ….. Allied Aircraft Attack -Athens Twice – RAF Wellingtons Follow Up Fort Raid; British Inch Nearer Cassino ….. A PX on Wheels Now Rolls-Up to Officer Huts ….. Advance Slowed On New Britain ….. Ciano, 4 Others Reported Victims of a Firing Squad ( Count Galeazzo Ciano ) ….. Huge Stockpile Of Materials for Asked – Experts Say Debtors Thus Could Pay, and Shortage In Crisis Be Avoided …………. Feature Section ….. The Five Came Back / By Bud Hutton – Marauder crews have a few choice names for Amsterdam-Schipol that Official Intelligence and Operations reports don’t list. Here are five more convincing reasons why. ….. America Produces the Goods – Conversion Trend looms as Nazi war machine falters; vast changes to follow Allied military successes in Europe / By Thomas D. Hagenbuch ….. Gl Joe Is Busy Making His Own Security Plan / By Lt. H. D. Steinmetz ….. Designers Plan Eye-Appeal For Post-war Goods / By Anthony G. De Lorenzo ….. Banana Boat Bible / By Pvt. George Groh A Pamphlet on how to enjoy that Ocean Crossing By a GI who made the trip the hard way ….. The Destiny Maker / By Cpl. T. C. Wingman ….. Through ‘E-Boat Alley’ – The hazards of the North Sea Described from the deck of a British destroyer / By Don Hewitt ….. Highlights of Army Talks – Marshall biennial report is basis for current discussion which traces U.S. war effort from Pearl Harbor to No. Africa¬†