The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 01 06 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 55 – Thursday, January 6, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Reds Drive to Spring Dnieper Bend Trap – Vatutin Cuts South; Half of Berdichev Is Seized by Russians – Germans Admit Giving Up Key Hedgehog Bastion; Nazis Are Beaten Back in First Counter-Attack in Poland ….. Schweinfurt Raid Aided Them in East, Reds Say ….. U. S. Heavies Hit France, Reich – Two French Airfields Get Hammering – Kiel Is Blasted 2nd Straight Day by Forts, Libs; 3,000 Planes Out Tuesday ….. Nazis Bombed by New ‘Magic Feet’ Technique ….. Anybody Wearing the Bronx Ribbon? The Story’s Out – New York City Bombed Once – by U.S. Plane! / By Sgt. James G. Swarts ….. B17s Jolt Rail Line Near Sofia – Two Other Balkan Bases Blasted as 8th Army Gains on Adriatic ….. Travelers Deny Bulgarian Coup – Boshilov Grip Admittedly Shaky, However; German Control Is Extended ….. Showdown Due In New Britain – Men, Supplies Pour Ashore While Planes Hammer Rabaul Airdromes ….. Lt. Gen. Leese Takes Over Command of Eighth Army ….. ‘ Help the Reds,’ Poles Are Told ….. What Is the Japanese Defense Plan? – They Believe Visions Of Heavy Losses Will Deter U.S. ….. Heroism in a Fortress–a Story With Countless Untold Rivals / By 2/Lt. Francis G. Lauro ….. Destroyer Is Sunk in Atlantic; Sandy Hook Victim Identified – Cause of Costly Explosion Still Undetermined; No Death Figures Given ….. Too Much Cognac – Fort Hangover Acquired a Pip In a Big New Year’s Eve Fling ( B-17 named Hangover ) ….. Combat Fliers To Be Guests at Rainbow Fete – Happy Warrior Club Plans Second Meeting;Week’s Highlights Listed …………. Feature Section ….. ‘Let There Be Light’ – The RAF is making Germany pay a heavy price for the Luftwaffe’s failure to capitalize on a good idea, and the Pathfinders have raised the Ante / By Tom Bernard ….. Thunderbolt Misses His Master’s Voice / By Sgt. Duke Apodaca ….. Classroom for the ‘Experts’ – The USAAF’s Ground School program prepares Bomber Crews for ‘Postgraduate’ work in the Flack-filled Skies over Hitler’s European Fortress / By Earl Mazo ….. The Kind Invasion / By Hector Bolitho ….. Stars and Stripes Fiction Story – War Correspondent / By Lt. James F. Cooper ….. Here’s Your Combat Crew: A pen portrait of the men who risk their lives for victory–and posterity ….. Highlights of Army Talks – British Democracy-with-a-King closely akin to American Political System, says Eminent Cambridge Professor in Current Discussion¬†