The Ramp 1944 09 03 (PDF)


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Shades of Icarus – AT6 above South Texas photographed by Mr. Henry … Call 449 by Sgt. Ray Caponi … Pvt. Loyd Kinnard from DeLeon, Texas; Sgt. William N. Bartlett from Accord, N.Y.; Cpl. Juan Zapata from Ozona, Tex. and Pvt. Harold W. Grasham from St. Louis … Civilian Corner by Dorothea Figuls and Vicki Mackenzie … Flight to Nowhere with Sgt. Al Price and Pvt. Steve Lovely … Buzzing Section “H” by A/C J.G. Eddy and A/C C.R. Graffy: To the Future by Merle S. Else, Captain, A.C. … Ode to Cadets by Pvt. Charles J. Woodcock, Sr.