The Railsplitter 1946 01 Final Edition (PDF)



Final Edition — Welcome Home!! It’s All Yours, Fellows
Farewell From A ‘Railsplitter’; A.R. Bollin, Major General, Commanding
84th Had Five CGs Hopes of 335th Men Same As Ever
Ordnance Unit Was ‘Ingenious’ – “Gypsy Caravan” of 334th Regiment
Railsplitters Wrote Glorious History
Song to Remember: IT’S ALL YOURS BY Sid Ramin, RAILSPLITTIN’ SPLITTERS BY Phillip Ford; WE’RE JUMPIN’ OFF BY Ramin and Ford and IT’S GOODBYE TO ALL THAT BY Ramin, Ford and Dick Clark
Railsplitter Society Keeps ‘Spirit’ Alive; Organized to Keep GI Ideals; by Rod Kirkpatrick
‘Story of, The Century’ Planned
Salute to the Team – all units including 771st Tank Battalion