The Martin Star 1945 12 (PDF)


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Vol. IV No. 11 ……. Cover: The Martin Mars’ ……. Articles Inside: … Big Job, Big Man ( H. T. Rowland ) ….. Still a Beehive ….. Flying Boats vs. Land Planes ….. PCA, Eastern and Colonial Airlines Place First Orders for Model 202 ….. They Came to View the 202 ….. Rags to Riches – Conversion of C-54 Transports into Luxury Airliners ….. Flying the Baltimore – Very little was heard about the Martin Baltimore twin-engine bombers during the war. They were built for the RAF, did a swell job and only occasionally got a pat on the back in the public press. In a recent issue of The Aeroplane, a British magazine, Flight Lieutenant P. L. Hanson-Lester wrote of his experiences flying the Baltimore so glowingly that we reprint it herewith as a fitting tribute for a grand airplane. ….. Photo Pages ….. Versatility on Wings ….. Tintypes for Peace ( Photo-lofting ) ….. The Martin Family Album ….. The Martin Girl ….. Flyer to Submariner In Hour Is Experience of Ex-Martineer ( Lt. Cleveland L. Null ) ….. Flying Sailors