The Martin Star 1945 10 (PDF)


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Vol. IV No. 9
Cover: How the Martin Model 202 transport plane will look in flight is pictured on the front cover this month by Charles Weigand, Art Department, Engineering. A story about the 202 and other pictures of it begins on Page 4. ……. Articles Inside: … V-Day Still to Come ( Fred Cross ) ….. The Outlook Ahead ….. Community Fund ….. New Martin Transport, Model 202, Praised By Press and Air Line Men at Preview – 30-Passenger ship has many innovations for crew and passenger comfort and safety and is aimed at “three-cents-a-mile” operation for economy. ….. Flyin’ All Over Jap “Heaven” ….. Master of Radar – The Navy wanted the “impossible” when it decided to put radar installations on PBM Mariners at the plant. But a group of bright young men learned radar operation in a hurry and licked the problem. ….. Photo Pages ….. Distinguished Guests See 202 Mock-Up ….. The Champs! – “The Martin Bombers” the All-American Amateur Baseball Team ….. Lying Down on the Job – It sounds like a cinch to have a job where you lie down to work, but those tables in master lines are hard, no cushions are allowed, and the work must be accurate and fast. ….. The Martin Family Album ….. The Martin Girl ….. Looking Inside a Spotweld