The Martin Star 1945 09 (PDF)


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Vol. IV No. 8 ……. Cover: It takes all kinds of planes to make the mighty Fleet Air Arms of the U.S. Navy, and few pictures better exemplify this than the one on this month’s cover. Taken at the Naval Air Base in the Caribbean, there are lined up in the foreground an NH-1 instrument training plane, a Grumman Goose, amphibian, and a mighty Martin PBM Mariner flying boat. More Mariners form the background. The color plates were made from an official U.S. Navy Kodachrome. ……. Articles Inside: … Terry And The Turrets ( Willard A. Terry ) ….. Testimonials By the Customer ….. Pictures From the Stratosphere – Television programs broadcast from a fleet of Martin airplanes flying six miles up may soon be a reality…and the answer to scientists’ need for a wider horizon for “stratovision.” ….. Canning the Sinews of War – Army ordnance is now protected against deterioration by wrapping it in aluminum “tins” which will keep it like food is preserved on the kitchen shelf. A good can opener will be an important piece of equipment should there ever be another war. ….. Post-War Preview – The Mars-type flying boats of the near-future will be luxurious beyond all present conceptions, swifter than ever before, more economical to operate. They bid well to set the standards for air travel in the coming years. ….. The U.S. Navy Presents: JATO and DUMBO World’s Greatest Life-Saving Act! – Hundreds of American fliers owe their lives to the “team” and here are some good examples of how it operates. ….. Building Planes on Paper – It’s highly technical, this axonometric projection illustration, but it simplifies work in the shop and that’s important. Soon the equipment will be available to all manufactures with improvements. ….. Photo Pages ….. The Martin Family Album ….. Martin-Nebraska News in Brief ….. Proved It’s Not A Man’s World – Former Martineer Ruth Jones Brown is continuing the bang up job she did here….but now she’s working for the Air Transport Command and has been a big factor in keeping them flying at Morrison Field. ….. On Far Pacific Shores ….. The Martin Girl ….. We Pause to Take a Bow ….. Try This For Size