The Martin Star 1945 07 (PDF)


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Vol. IV No. 6 ……. Cover: The drawing of the American Flag and the two Army-Navy “E” pennants on the front cover this month is the work of George L. Stachnick, Art Department, Engineering. It is a very fine example of what can be done with an air brush, as most of the painting was made with this medium. The top “E” pennant is the one recently awarded The Glenn L. Martin Company for excellence of production at the Baltimore plants. The lower pennant with stars flies over The Glenn L. Martin-Nebraska Company, Omaha, which has maintaineda high excellence for B-26 Marauder and B-29 Superfortress manufacture for nearly two years. ……. Articles Inside: … Has a Thirst for Knowledge ( Al Bortner ) ….. Proof of the Pudding ….. Voices on Stilts ….. Where There’s a Jap…There’s a Mariner! – Hitting the Japs from all sides, Martin PBM Mariners are not only establishing some enviable records in destroying enemy shipping but their rescue and transport work are speeding the end end of the Nips. ….. B-26 Is Used as Baseball Simile …./. Martin Men Will Teach at Lafayette College Air School ….. Songwriter Bergere Forsakes Tunes for War for Duration ….. Genii At Work – “Little ideas” are paying big dividends in speeding production and making work easier for Martineers. Here are some of the latest devices turned up by the Suggestion System. ….. “Carries Her Age Well” ( The B-26 Flak-Bait ) ….. NAF Middle River – The letters NAF stand for Naval Air Facility and mean the men who test fly and accept for the Navy the PBM Mariner flying boats which are establishing such a wonderful record in the Pacific. ….. Star Lighting the Girls ….. Art for Art’s Sake ….. Photo Pages ….. Hobbies – Plane Models, Insignia and Auto Builder ….. Some Work with Heat- Some Work with Cold ….. The Martin Family Album ….. Martin-Nebraska News in Brief ….. It’s Easy if you just know how ….. We Have With Us from Time to Time ….. The Martin Girl ….. It Takes A Lot O’Talk ….. Communications