The Martin Star 1945 04 (PDF)


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Vol. IV No. 3
Cover: The two young ladies working in what looks big enough to be the Holland Tunnel are in a tunnel, but it’s on a PBM Mariner in D Building, Final Assembly. They are putting on some of the final touches before the big flying boat is ready to be ground tested and flown. They are Elizabeth Karan and Yettive Meadows Pauly, both first shift. The picture was made in Ansco color by Charles Cignatta and Howard Kleuber, Photo Lab. Ed Audsley processed the transparency. ……. Articles Inside: … Quarterback with a Key ( Thomas Hoyt Jones ) ….. Signs of the Times ….. Get Outdoors ….. The 7th War Loan ….. Giants Take Form ( JRM Mars’ and PBM Mariners ) ….. Schools Over – Martin teachers have taught 12,000 men to expertly service the B-26 Marauder. ….. Record of Solid Achievement ( A-30 Baltimores ) ….. Now it can be Told – The Martin Company played a very important part in the success of the Doolittle raid on Tokyo. The story has just been revealed by the War Department. ….. Air Ambulance – A dramatic 2,200-mile flight to a tiny Pacific Island made rescue history, and the ship was a PBM Mariner, which added another role to its already impressive list of accomplishments. ….. Star Lighting the Girls ….. For Beauty’s Sake! ….. Photo Pages ….. Hobbies – Gardener, Movie Man and an Artist ….. Air Grips Tighter Than Steel ….. Now You See It…No You Don’t! ….. It’s Easy…If You Just Know How!… – Bowling ….. Some are Sports ….. Mariner Brings Out Films of Iwo Battle ….. The Martin Family Album ….. Martin-Nebraska News in Brief ….. The Martin Girl ….. Weather-makers!