The Martin Star 1945 02 (PDF)


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Vol. IV No. 1
Cover: The photograph of the B-29 Superfortress on the front cover was taken on the runway at The Glenn L. Martin-Nebraska Company and is work of Larry Baell of the Photo Art Department at the Omaha plant. Larry began work with The Glenn L. Martin Company in Baltimore in 1941 in the Photography Department and went to Omaha four months later when the need for additional help arose at Martin-Nebraska. ……. Articles Inside: … Landlord De Luxe ( Jan Porel ) ….. End of the Trail ….. Martin-Nebraska built B-29s – Martin-Nebraskans are justly proud of their two-year “on schedule” production record. They’re now making B-29 Superfortresses that are helping bring the Japs more quickly to knee. ….. Wartime Gullivers… – So you’d like to be a Martin road man, would you? Travel by air, the best hotels, good food and see America. Maybe you won’t feel so enthusiastic after reading this tale of woe. ….. Ken Ebel Reporting: – PBM operation in the Pacific was studied first-hand by the Vice President in charge of Engineering on a recent trip as guest of the Navy. They’re doing a swell job, he reports, and crews are enthusiastic about the ship. ….. 50 Million Frenchmen… ….. Mobile Marauders – MTU crew members are taught to show others how to service a particular plane, but they know so darned much about their job they’ll tackle anything that flies and fix it up pronto! ….. Star Lighting the Girls ….. Mother of Three Sons in Service Is At Army Division ….. To My Valentine ….. Hobbies ….. It’s Easy – If You Just Know How!! ….. Doing a Mans’ Job – And doing it mighty well are 135 Omaha boys who are attending school, learning a trade and getting paid all at the same time. They’re helping build B-29 Superfortresses for current use and themselves for the future. ….. Flak Boat ….. Thompson Elected To Head National Aero C of C. Standards Committee ….. The Martin Family Album ….. Martin-Nebraska News in Brief ….. Pardon My French by Roger Ward ….. The Martin Girl ….. Major Congleton Becomes AAF Resident Representative Here ….. Protection!