The Martin Star 1944 12 (PDF)


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Vol. III No. 11
Cover: In commemorating the tenth anniversary of the China Clipper this month, we reproduced on the front cover one of the most famous pictures of that gallant ship, made on the occasion of its first flight from San Francisco westward to Hawaii and the Philippines. The still uncompleted San Francisco and Oakland Bay Bridges are seen in the background. The orange stripe across the top wing was painted there to make spotting easier in case the ship was forced down while at sea. The story of the China Clipper and her sister ships, the Hawaii Clipper and Philippine Clipper, begins on page 8. ……. Articles Inside: … “Legal Beagle” ( Joseph C. Little ) ….. Things are Different Now ….. From 1 to 5,000 ( Photo page on Marauders ) ….. 5000 Harbingers of Doom – Five thousand Marauders have been built in four years. The ship that once was the “outcast” of the AAF is now its darling, the scourge of the Axis. It’s been a great help in winning the war. ….. Change It! Change It! Change It! – Perfection will never be attained in design alone, but only in constant testing and constant revision ( Orville Wright ) ….. The First Year – Summary of Mars Operations ….. …and Still Going Strong ( 10 Year Old China Clipper ) ….. That’s a Lot’a Firepower ( Martin Power Turrets ) ….. Star Lighting the Girls ….. A Day in the Life of a WAVE …at Martin’s ….. Photo Pages ….. Hobbies – Historical Firearms Owned by Martineer ….. Quick Wing Change Technique Resulted from Bet of Pound ( Warren Hohl ) ….. Roll of Honor – Employees Serving in Armed Services that have been Killed in Action, Missing in Action, Prisoners of War, or Decorated ….. The St. Bernard and the Doberman Pinscher ( WASP Doris Marland ) ….. The Martin Family Album ….. Martin-Nebraska News in Brief ….. Shady Ladies By Roger Ward ….. Shutterbugs