The Martin Star 1944 09 (PDF)


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Vol. III No. 8
Cover: Its seldom quite as peaceful at the Martin Airport as it seems to be in the picture on this month’s cover. What with final installations, ground testing, flight testing and the numerous other activities, the Airport is on the jump all day long and far into the night. Photo by Lee Dougherty. The drawing on the back cover is by John Gorsuch, Art Department, and is the first of a series picturing Martin planes — pictures uniform in size and reproduction, suitable for framing. The Mars will be on the back of October STAR. ……. Articles Inside: … Flyin’ Man ( O. E. “Pat” Tibbs ) ….. You Can Help! ….. Martin Engineers Develop New Transport for Post-war Use; Airlines Show Interest ….. Tale of the Ancient Mariners ( Naval Air Transport Squadron VR-6 ) ….. “Minich is My Co-pilot” By Lt. Allan F. Minich USAAF ( Saga of a Marauder Crew ) ….. The JRM Mars Takes Shape ….. Star Lighting the Girls ….. Favorite Recipes of Martineers ….. Photo Pages ….. Hobbies – Old Marylandia, and We Do Mean Old, Shown In Dioramas ( Milton Oler ) ….. Collects Books and Paraphernalia On Yankee Ingenuity ( Cloyde Reppert ) ….. The Martin Family Album ….. Starlight on Aviation ….. Flying “Pin-Ups” ….. Plastic Tools – Synthetics are being used for nearly everything else, why not tools? Tool Design investigated and found they could, with resultant savings of man hours and critical materials. And It’s only the beginning! ….. Martin Natatress Won Many Trophies ….. Martin-Nebraska Built B-29 ….. Double Trouble Due Japs; Twins Chase ‘Em With Martin Turrets ( Dwaine and Blaine Warstler ) ….. Training Stand Will Teach Turret’s Use ….. Pilots Learn Instrument Flying On Link Trainer at the Airport ….. Paratrooper Prof. Calls U.S. Equipment Best In the World ….. B-26 Pilots Adopt Orphans ….. Commando Knives Made From Scrap ( Frank A. Keller and Floyd Snyder ) ….. “Modern Tintypes”