The Martin Star 1943 12 (PDF)


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Vol. II No. 11
Cover: The cover on this month’s STAR was taken through the open bomb bay of an Army Air Forces plane in a recent raid on Italy and is an exceptionally clear shot. A stick of bombs has just been released, two of them not having yet fallen far enough to be out of the shadow cast by the plane’s wings, while a third is just emerging into daylight. It is operations such as this, thousands upon thousands of them, that spearheaded the Allied attack during the second year of the war, and are bringing ever closer the day of victory. ……. Articles Inside: … The Glenn L. Martin Company Roll of Honor ….. Retrospect ….. Our 2nd Year of the War ….. The Year Ahead ….. The Marauders Came Through By Col. Samuel E. Anderson ….. “Human Modification Center” Teaches Navy Personnel to Care for Mariners ….. Women at War ….. Martin Women Doing Their Bit To Get Service Husbands Home ….. Photo Pages ….. RAF Pilot and Nickle Boat Crew Visit With Martineers ….. English Counterpart of Martin Plant Keeps Baltimores Flying ….. Proud of His Sons In U.S. Services ( Paul Young ) ….. Chewing Gum Plugs Holes In B-26’s Hydraulic System ….. Matthew Brockmeyer Now in South Africa ….. Pays Tribute to Wright Brothers On 40th Kitty Hawk Anniversary By Glenn L. Martin ….. Full Recreational Program Outlined Will Give Martineers Busy Winter ….. Former Martineer Lost His Trainer ( Lt. Maurice Barrett ) ….. After Bad Start, Marauder “Coughin’ Coffin” Made History ….. The Clean Up Squads Take Over