The Martin Star 1943 10 (PDF)




24 pages
Vol. II No. 9
Cover: If you want to know how a bombardier looks when his ship is on its bombing run, study the cover of this month’s Star closely. Seated in the nose of an A-30 Baltimore is Lieut. William W. Wilson, Air Transport Command. Ferrying Division, and Assistant Control Officer at the Martin Airport. Complete with throat mike, bomb release button, bomb sight and the other paraphernalia of his trade, Lieut. Wilson is just at the point of releasing his deadly load on the enemy below. The picture was taken on the flight line. The back cover is a picture of a group of B-26 Marauders returning to their North African base after a raid on Sicily, a picture only recently received in this country and one of the best showing Marauders in mass flight over enemy territory.
Articles Inside: … Local Boys Makes Good ( Guy L. Bryan, Jr. )
“Firsts” for War; “Firsts” for Peace
Marvinol РNew Elasto-Plasitc Promises To Outmode Rubber In Many Fields  Mariner Survives Waterspout
Marauders Can Take It
Veterans Of Mediterranean And Their Marauders Welcomed Home
Women at War
Directing Efforts of Glee Club
Photo Pages
Inspection’s Vital Role in Making Martin Bombers
Beehive Today, Canton Refused Role In Oblivion
Navy Hero’s Mother Visitor At Martin’s
Navy Department Production Experts Watch Mariners Being Manufactured
Pacific War Hero “Grew Up” With B-26 Marauders ( Captain Otto B. Maciver )¬† New British Technical Officer Torpedoed on Way to Post Here
“Nor Snow, Nor Rain,
“Big E” Officer Visitor At Martin’s
Does Job in 45 Seconds That Used to Take 10,800
“Firemen Save My Job”