The Martin Star 1943 06 (PDF)


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Vol. II No. 5
Cover: Another “first” is established on the cover of this issue of The Star, which is a reproduction of a water-color by John T. Gorsuch, of the Art and Development Group. His work has frequently appeared in this magazine in the form of pen-and-ink sketches and numerous lay-outs, but this is his first color assignment, though by no means his last. A native of Baltimore and a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute. All day long he is making paintings, draftsmen’s drawings, perspectives and the other art work required, then goes home for relaxation; he…yes, you guessed it…paints. Other interests include a charming wife and one child. ……. Articles Inside: … His Is No Alger Story ( Morgan R. Schermerhorn ) ….. Our Part ….. Marauders Come Home ….. “Phantom Bombers” Help Blast Axis – Spare Parts Keep Planes In Fray ….. Box Kites to Bombers ( Chapter XVI ) ….. Soldiers’ Hardships Make Rations On Home Front Seem Luxurious ….. Two-Fifths Mile of Steel Cable in PBM-3 ….. Flyer Brings News of Son ….. Navy Pilot Of “Mariner” Wins DFC For Sinking Submarine ( Lt. Richard N. Schreder ) ….. Women at War ….. Wartime Hints ….. Fighting Food Waste Job Of Housewife ….. Making Own Clothes Is Lots Of Fun ….. Two Veteran Marauders Come Back Home ….. New Development Group Handles Numerous Design Change Problems ….. Cornelius Moylan’s Little, Maybe, But A Mighty Athlete ….. Esquire Lauds B-26 Marauder ….. Damon-Pythias Role Re-enacted By Pilots of B-26 Marauders ….. “Marty Mariner” ….. Patient Labor And Research Reproduce First Martin Plane ….. Secretary By Day Poetess, Collegian, Nights and Sundays ….. Martin Mittsters Practice Punches For Fight ….. Moe Marauder ….. Defeats Polio Attack to Aid in War Effort ….. Sports and Recreation [ Softball Leagues Organize With More Than 100 Teams Entered ….. Martin Bombers Lead in Local Ball League ….. Drop Hammer Wins Bowling League Title ….. Metal Bench Leader, Once ‘Stunter’, Fractures Arm in Bowling Game ….. Baseball League Opens New Season ….. Bowling Leagues Enter Final Lap ….. Martin Glee Club Attracting Singers ….. Concert Singer Teaches School Until War’s End ] ….. Streamlined Inspection Technical Groups Aim ….. Five Brothers In Royal Air Force ….. A Bomber Is Born – Inspection’s Job