The Martin Star 1943 04 (PDF)


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Vol. II No. 3
Cover: During the Middle Ages when battle was waged on a man-to-man basis and the chief weapon was the sword, the armorers of ancient Toledo in Spain made the finest, most flexible, most durable of them all. The possession of a “Toledo Blade” was a source of pride to those ancient warriors and are treasured items today among collector’s trophies. The Martin Baltimore is such a weapon in modern warfare – sturdy, reliable, capable of downing a worthy foe when in the hands of a competent fighter. The cover was photographed in Kodachrome over the Martin airport by W. Neal. Siebold, Star staff photographer. ……. Articles Inside: … Learned the Hard Way ( G. T. Willey ) ….. A Message from the Chief ….. “It’s All Airplane– …the soldier has learned to know its voice and thank God that these birds of death are over him.” ….. Grem Ricks Are Undoing Naughty Gremlin Deeds ….. Photographic Laboratory Playing Essential Role ….. Two Ships Shot From Underneath Former Seaman ….. Grounded ‘Chute Jumper Made New Record Fro Sex – Rudy Warner Baled Out From 25,000 Feet ….. Payroll Machines Almost Think on an Intricate Job ….. Fellowship Church Will Be Opened Easter Sunday ….. News from the War Plants – “Central’s” Gift B-26 Rechristened “My Pop” ….. Box Kites to Bombers ( Chapter XIV ) ….. “Walking Encyclopedias”—That’s Service Department ….. Child Care in Wartime…World-Wide Problem ….. How to Get More Wear From Shoes ….. Three Cities Hear Speech on Flutter – Martin Experts Discuss Our Development ….. Collection of Martiniana Has Stories To Tell ….. Models War Clothes ….. We Had With Us Yesterday ….. Watersprite Built From Old Monoplane ….. Neal Recalls Bombing Sub ( Albert A. Neal ) ….. Native of France Builds Bombers ….. Leaders Complete Supervision Test ….. Tool Design Crowned New Cage Champs – Defeat 1942 Titleholders to win Crown ….. Letters From the Boys ….. The Calhouns of W. Va. “All Out” In War Effort ….. Navy Inspector Puts Inventive Talent To Use ….. Wild Game Hunter Now Helps Build “Tin Fish” Hunters ….. A Bomber Is Born – Planning the Job