The Martin Star 1942 11 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 10
Cover: Subs Beware! ……. Articles Inside: … From Autos to Airplanes ( Lincoln Robert Scafe ) ….. Give Thanks ….. Plane Firms in East Form New Council – Eight companies to cooperate for full production ….. Accident Record Still Improving ….. Martineers Take Parts in New Film – “This is America” Soon to be Released ….. Baltimores are Still Writing Saga in Africa ….. British Aircraft Makers Visit Martin Plants – Leaders Study Methods as Part of National Inspection Tour ….. First Year for Martin Girls ….. Navy Fliers Under Byrne Study ‘Mars’ – First of Three Crews Get “Biggest Ship” Training ….. Brother’s Death Steels Girl Worker ….. Heard Here and There – Around the Martin Plants ….. We Had With Us Yesterday ….. Mars Lauded by Rep. Cole ….. Eighteen Suggestion Awards to Workers ….. News from the War Plants – 187’s Writing Brave Saga In Desert Fight – Arnold Praises Nebraska ….. Box Kites to Bombers – World War Aircraft Debacle and the “Martin Bomber” ( Chapter IX ) ….. Sports and Recreation – Third Shifters Given Trophy – Basketball Teams Ready ….. Meet Mrs. Palewick: She Feeds an Army Every Day ….. Scrap Campaign Wins WPB Praise ….. Minute Biographies ( Charles Rideout Shawyer and William E. Wood ) ….. An Appeal for Safety ….. Production Rate Shown ….. Three R’s for Women Workers – Fair Martineers Quick to Learn in New Courses