The Infantry News 1943 07 02 nr 34 (PDF)



8 pages
Vol. I
Frankie Faudem,
WAACs who have taken part in entertainment and other activities in the Regimen
t. Reading from left to right: P t e. Dorothy Gurman, singer; Aux. Mary Goetz, baseball team; Pic. Alice Cooper; baseball team Capt.; Aux. Edith Jay, entertainment director; Aux. Audrey Jarvis, singer;
Aux. Lydia Hetinger, baseball; and Sgt. Margaret Martin, baseball.
Cooking the “chow” for the “chowhounds” of 3rd Bn. Hq. Co.
at Rexford Range. (Left to right) T / 5 Joseph Novak, Pvt. Melvin
Scranton and T /4 Donald Hanson.
Colonel J.E. Ardrey
Major Overgaard
Swabbing it out at Rexford Range is Sf gt. Opal Simpkins, 3rd
Bn, Hq. Co. Pfc, Harry Van Meter