The Field Artillery Journal 1945 08 (PDF)


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Vol. 35 No. 8 ……. Cover: Marines on our cover are fortunately members of an Amphibious Corps! Rains on Okinawa supplied their position with plenty of running water. Note how handy metal mats, designed for paving runways, are for use as revetments. ….. Articles:
The Battle of Manila By Maj. Nelson H. Randall, FA
Division Artillery Intelligence By Maj. James J. A. Kelker, FA
The Pescadores and Sakishima Islands By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Binoculars Help at Night Too
Artillery Liaison with the Navy By Lt. Col. John R. Crossen, FA
An Artilleryman in a Joint Assault Signal Company By Capt. William M. Doolittle, FA
Cassino of the Pacific By Capt. Lauren K. Soth, FA
Indirect Fire at Moving Targets – A Simplified Procedure By Col. Louis H. Thompson, FA (CAC)
Artillery Targets Across the Rhine By Lt. Col. James E. O’Steen, FA
Trends in Field Artillery Organization and Equipment By Maj. Shirley B. Metzger, FA
Mission: Destruction By Maj. Paul F. Wilson, FA
Perimeters in Paragraphs By Col. Conrad H. Lanza
Utilizing Tank Destroyers as Artillery By Maj. Ernest C. Hatfield, Cav.
Tank Destroyers in the Roer River Crossing By Col. Paul B. Bell, FA
Tips from a Battery Executive By Lt. R. W. Grimm, FA
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