The Dim View 1945 06 27 nr 07 (PDF)



Soldiers Know Colonel Hylton as Quiet, Efficient Commander; by CPL Raymond Chamberlain First Battalion, Lt. Col. William A. Hylton of Hillsville, Va
Czech History Reveals Many Peace Problems
Brother Together After Six Years by Pfc. A. G. Wilson Jr. A Company, Pfc. Ross C. Darnell and Sft. D Y. Darnell
44 AT Men End 3 Years in 79th by Pfc. R.W. Davis Anti-Tank Company
A New Old Glory
Them Wer The Days by Robert Deihl, Regimental Historian: Seine River Crossing done by the 313th troops over an old dam
Oldest Topkick Set to go Home by S/Sgt. Bill Brackman Third Battalion: John McMahon from Brooklyn, N.Y.